Fact NOT Opinion: Gun Control Doesn’t Work

A Law abiding citizen in the United States follows the law, and her parents are murdered in a massacre in Texas. Suzanne Hupp was not only a gun owner, but had her CCW permit. Texas had signed into law that gun owners and carriers were not allowed to bring their guns into restaurants. She followed that law, left her gun in her truck in the glove box, and will have to live with that regret the rest of her life. On October 16, 1991 a mad man named Hennard drove his F150 truck into the restaurant that she and her parents were eating at. Hennard got out of the truck, and proceeded to kill people one by one in a calculated fashion. They were defenseless, and lambs to the slaughter. Hennard stalked, shot, and killed 23 people. He wounded another 20 people before committing suicide. Her parents whom were with her that day in the restaurant were celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary. They were among those victims that were shot and killed. Had she not been a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN and obeyed the law, she could have possibly saved her mother, father, and many others that day. See her testimony in front of legislators.

On June 23, 2012 a 14 year old boy had to defend his life, that of his siblings, and his home. Had it not been for a gun, who knows what would have happened to these children. Obviously his dad taught him how to use the gun (tool for protection) for self defense. The 14 year old boy wounded the armed burglar and the lady that was involved in the break in ran off. The wounded burglar was taken to the hospital, and treated then to be arrested. Too many times we hear of people being hurt, murdered, raped, robbed, etc… in their own homes. Thank God that was not the case in this instance, as they exercised their 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms. You have the right to protect your life, the life of your family, and your home.

A 71 year old man named Samuel Williams was in an internet café on July 13, 2012 in Ocala Florida. Two armed robbers entered the café showing their guns, pointing them at people, and holding bags. Thank goodness Mr. Williams was a CCW permit holder. Mr. Williams pulled his gun, shot the intruders and saved everyone in that café that day. The only people injured that day were the criminals.

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The simple fact is. I believe everyone should have the right to own, carry, and bear arms. I know there are many people that think guns are bad. It is not the guns that are bad; it is the individuals that are carrying them. Too many people think that CCW carriers are these vigilantes wanting to perform their own kind of justice. This is the furthest from the truth. We don’t go around waving our guns, or trying to go out of our way to find trouble. We are law abiding citizens! We work with law enforcement officers, are your neighbors, and are your friends. We have obtained our permits to carry a concealed weapon through training, shooting courses, and stringent laws. We are the ones willing to defend ourselves, and you if necessary.

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I know we have a lot of great police officers out there. They work hard and work long hours. However, let’s be honest, they cannot be everywhere at one time. There are many times law abiding citizens have been on the phone with 911, begging them to hurry up so they didn’t have to shoot an intruder. However the police couldn’t get there fast enough. That is not the fault of the police; they did everything they could do to get there in time. But the fact is no one is magic, they can’t snap their fingers and then appear. So we as Law abiding citizens need the right to protect ourselves until the police can get there.

Fifty-seven year old Donna Jackson of Oklahoma having to protect herself against a man who broke into her home while her husband was at work.

This carjacker that failed to car jack an entire family because the father was a CCW permit holder, and fired back. The carjacker was killed and the family is safe. The father obtained wounds and went to the hospital. But this shows you don’t just have to be in your home to have the need for your weapon. The carjacker fired first and was willing to kill them all. That was in a public place, a gas station.

Most of the people whom were shot by law abiding citizens has been because of robbery, assault, etc… The people who were shot were repeat offenders (does this surprise anyone?) that had a long criminal history of felonies (not simple misdemeanors). Once again proof that the criminal WILL always get their hands on guns. Certain drugs are illegal also, yet we now have the worst drug problem in the history of the United States. People are dying by the thousands every year because of illegal drugs that are here in the United States. This just goes to prove no matter what, the criminal will always get their hands on drugs, guns, etc… Simply put, it is because they do not and never will abide by the law that binds the law abiding citizen.

If we as a Nation allow the government to take the guns out of the law abiding citizen’s hands, then we might as well go to every prison, and hand each prisoner a gun. Because you can believe there will come a time they will get out of jail, they WILL have their guns and all we law abiding citizens will have is a sheet of paper with a law written on it to throw at them. We as a nation will be overrun by criminals (just like when Rome was taken over by the Vandals and Visigoths & Rome fell!), because we have been left defenseless against both foreign and domestic enemies.

To sum this up, you can find millions of reports, news, and articles where a gun was needed for self-defense. You can also see that where there are stricter gun laws, there is a MUCH HIGHER crime rate. The statistics and proof are everywhere. Yet the media does not seem to be telling the American Public about this. Why? Why aren’t they reporting on Kennesaw, Georgia? Why aren’t they reporting on the CCW carriers that have saved the lives of many? Why isn’t the media reporting and telling us about the real statistics of gun control states? Because, it is all in the agenda. All about money, and control. The ads that are paid for, whether on television or in the newspaper are what pays their checks. No ads, No money, No business. It’s that simple. They don’t want to piss off their biggest clients. If they do, they may lose their business.

Did you know the leading cause of death of children under the age of 14 years old in the United States is car crashes? (According to the Department of Public Safety) Are we screaming, picketing, or lobbying to make cars illegal? Are we trying to make the age of driving motor vehicles older? No, why? Because we all have the common sense to know a car is a tool. We use this tool to get back and forth from one place to another. Yet, they kill more children than guns. So where is the rally against automobiles? There will not be one! Because we all know tools can be used for good, as well bad.

You say you want gun control? Yet you want protection! Take the criminals, put them in prison, and stop giving them a slap on the wrist with a get out of jail free card.

The law abiding citizens of the United States cannot afford to continue to pay with our lives because of being denied the right to carry our weapons on our person because it’s against the law or a restricted place. By giving up our rights to defend ourselves with our guns criminals can run rampant and have free reign in this country that we so love. You want a safer United States? Loosen the laws so that law abiding citizens are allowed to carry their weapons in every store, restaurant, schools, and do not allow any person to be able to trample on our rights to protect ourselves because of someone’s personal opinion. I have never heard of a CCW carrier going off on a tangent, or rampage and just massacring people. You need to change the laws to make it to where CCW carriers are allowed to carry their weapons with them everywhere they go. You create the undue burden on the CCW carriers, and could create the potential for another slaughter, because we are not allowed to carry in this place or that. What if at Columbine one of the teachers had been a CCW holder? Could that have turned out much differently? Possibly, yet no one will ever know. Statistics prove that in the areas where there are more CCW carriers and looser laws for guns, the crime rate has dropped. That is because the criminal now has to think, does this person have a gun? If I do this, will I make it out alive? Criminals although the do not obey the law, are not stupid. Any criminal is going to go after the path of least resistance. Including moving on to another place if they know you have a weapon to defend yourself.

I don’t see President Obama, the Senators, or the Congressmen, going around without protection. Mr. Obama may not carry a weapon on him (I don’t know if he does or not) however: Mr. Obama is surrounded by secret service agents who are fully armed and ready to protect our president in a moment’s notice. It should be that way. However, I also believe our president should be able to carry his own weapon if he so chooses. I believe my life, the life of my family, my friends, and others are just as important as the life of the president of the United States of America. If our President has protection around him 24 hours a day, then we should be allowed the same freedom! I guarantee that President Obama will not tell the secret service to not bring their weapons into a hospital, a court house, congress, or the senate, because a sign says NO GUNS ALLOWED. Of course not, that would be insane! Our president needs to be protected at all costs! However, so do we!

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