Facebook OKs Beheading Clips But Not Pro-Chick-Fil-A Posts?

Facebook is duplicitous in every way. Censoring pro-Christian sites, anti-Islam, pro-family pages, and neglecting to remove vile anti-Semitic sites, it is the very essence of selective leftist censorship. A beheading is extremely graphic, and though one can be viewed on any number of sites, the fact that they are “allowed” to be viewed on a social media sharing site is disturbing. Yet, a page like “One Million Moms” faces censorship?

axe-170In typical fashion, Facebook has deemed a beheading clip okay to view after a short ban. The social media site banned them in May after numerous complaints, but apparently had a change of heart. Yes, a person can view decapitations on YouTube, but Facebook is entirely different in it’s intent and format. It is a sharing site, and through this mechanism, a graphic beheading video would be easily accessible by virtually anyone.

But the real problem is that Facebook is one double standard, picking and choosing what it wants to censor. Right now, an exposed breast is unacceptable, but yet a beheading can be viewed. This doesn’t make sense. But given that this is Facebook, any offensive anti-Christian page, to name a few, gets a green light. No worries.

The US firm confirmed it now believed its users should be free to watch and condemn such videos. It added it was, however, considering adding warnings.

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It only takes seconds of exposure to such graphic material to leave a permanent trace – particularly in a young person’s mind,” said Dr Arthur Cassidy, a former psychologist who runs a branch of the Yellow Ribbon Program in Northern Ireland.

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Exactly. And not to mention that users as young as 13 can can register for their own Facebook page.

_70612614_faceThe fact of the matter is that any graphic content is available anywhere. But Facebook willingly yanked the “Truckers To Shut Down America” page after visitors wished those participating “Godspeed.” Six days after the page was founded, it was slapped with a warning for a “God Bless America” post. Facebook never banned the trolling on the page. Yet, this is offensive enough to warrant warnings and a cut off from the social media site? But showing a live beheading clip is perfectly fine? This is perfectly logical in the United States of Obamaland.

The BBC was alerted to Facebook’s change in policy by a reader who said the firm was refusing to remove a page showing a clip of a masked man killing a woman, which is believed to have been filmed in Mexico. It was posted last week under the title, Challenge: Anybody can watch this video?

Remove this video too many young innocent minds out there shouldn’t see this!!!” wrote one user in the comments section below.

Exactly. Watching a beheading would be extremely traumatizing for anyone, just as a virulent anti-Christian page like “Jesus F****** B*st*rds. Slut Mary’s B*st*rd” is more than offensive or pages like “One Million Human Beings Against One Million Moms,” which is a site directly devoted to hating on the “One Million Moms.” One Million Moms is a group dedicated to exposing the culture of corruption and because of their stance against homosexuality, they incited the wrath of Facebook. 

Facebook also allowed such disgusting pages as “Welcome to Israel, only kidding you’re in Giffnock” to stand for a lengthy period of time, and it led to the arrest of six people in 2012. Also, a page called “Criticizing Islam Baaad! Beheading Infidels Goood!” was only removed after numerous protests.

The site is overtly critical in what it censors and doesn’t censor. Last year, pages and posts critical of Obama’s role and response to Benghazi were removed. Yet, showing a full on, unabashed beheading of a person is perfectly okay.

How it possible that a profanity laced, anti Christian site can stand without incident? About allowing beheading clips, they said, “Facebook has long been a place where people turn to share their experiences, particularly when they’re connected to controversial events on the ground, such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism and other violent events,” said a spokeswoman.

What a crock. Facebook puts up what it wants to, and takes down what it chooses. When Mike Huckabee’s page is censored for supporting Chick-fil-A, a Christian, anti-homosexual agenda company but a live beheading isn’t, there’s something seriously sick in America.

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