Exposing the Global Effort behind the Homosexual Agenda

Over the past three years, Americans have been witnessed to vicious media assaults on any group or business that goes against the political correct position on same sex “marriage” and the homosexual agenda. Chick- Fil-A and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson immediately come to mind; however, there have been other instances of state intervention against private businesses refusing to sell wedding cakes to same sex couples as well. To put it simply, there is an obvious effort on the part of the left to demonize anyone who disagrees with the homosexual agenda and the argument being used is that disagreement with their ideals equates to hatred and bigotry. (I have written other articles describing the tactics employed by the radical homosexual lobby: “Child Sexual Abuse and the Repeal of Age of Consent Laws” and “Sexualizing your Children through Values Clarification Education” which can be viewed at http://www.radicalconservativerisso.blogspot.com) These are essentially the same type of civil rights tactics employed in the 1960’s, and looking at how much progress has been made in gaining acceptance of homosexuality, it can be argued they are very successful strategies.

As the battle against political correctness and the homosexual agenda continues, it should be noted that this is a fight that is occurring on a global scale as well. The New American is reporting on a story from Italy where the media has been exposed as forcing journalists to report on the homosexual lifestyle in a positive light or perhaps face consequences as harsh as jail time. What is most significant about this development is the fact that these mandates are coming from the superior European Union governing structure; they are being forced onto Italy’s government from a U.N. type global governing body. The Italian government is not taking this lightly and in fact, like many people in America, the parliament are calling the homosexual agenda out for what it is, a fascistic, dictatorial type movement where any disagreement or opposition must be eliminated. That would all be done in the name of fairness, of course. The article can be read here.

This is similar to the efforts made earlier in the spring of 2013, by the DOJ, to force acceptance of the homosexual life style in the American work place. While many Americans are simply “O.K.” with people being homosexual already, as long as they don’t have it shoved down their throats, or as long as their sexual exploits stay where they should, in their private lives; Eric Holder thought this wasn’t “fair enough.” Claiming that a failure to make some sort of positive comment towards a person in the homosexual lifestyle was a “sort of discrimination” if you will. The DOJ was insisting that silence signaled disapproval and this would not be tolerated. If these two examples of forced compliance aren’t proof of the radical methods employed by the homosexual lobby, than I don’t know what is.

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The truth is, the radical homosexual lobby is just another leftist, communist front group dedicated to the destruction of traditional morality and America’s Christian heritage. Communists believe that the only way they can force human beings into subjugation is by destroying any connection to the divine. The first step in doing this is destroying morality. This is done by the promotion of homosexuality as being normal and healthy, exactly what is going on in our schools today. This is actually listed as one of the goals of the Communist Party-

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26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”

By promoting homosexuality as normal, human beings are turned against one of the very purposes of their existence, procreation. It is self-destructive because if enough people are encouraged to be homosexual the growth of the human population would be limited. There is a good chance that the communists seeking to change our culture are fully aware of this as well, which is why they got behind the movement. Is it possible that the teaching of homosexuality is also geared to aid in U.N. population control efforts? Looking at the points made in my article “The Truth of Agenda 21” where the U.N. has been exposed using abortion and family planning to achieve such ends you can’t discount the possibility. Whatever the case may be, the left knew the homosexual movement would tear America apart.

Once Americans are separated from the divine then the idea of God given rights, the idea of “liberty being derived from God” is all but destroyed. Men then become subjects of the state, they look to government to grant them rights, and they look to government to solve their problems. I believe that this is the true motivation behind the homosexual agenda. If what they believe is normal and acceptable, then why do they feel the need to shove it down our throats? They claim homosexuality is normal because it can be observed in the animal kingdom while marriage is something that is not observed in nature. This, as I have pointed out several other times is a result of Darwinism in our schools. By placing man in a category where he is no different than any other animal, the foundation for separating him from the divine built. No one has to force the idea of men and women being married down society’s throat because there is an obvious reason for the coupling of men and women, the creation and the raising of children. The coupling of same sex couples has no obvious reasoning; therefore it is hard to accept as normal no matter how hard the communist left attempt to normalize it.

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