Examining the Democrat Party Using Critical Projection Theory

The democrat party has made tremendous progress in associating any disagreement with Barrack Obama as racism. In fact, tremendous efforts have been made to completely rewrite history in our schools and give the impression that the U.S. is a racist nation. Attempting to give young impressionable minds the idea that The United States of America was built on the institution of slavery and that racism is so deeply embedded in our culture, the democrat controlled education system has sought to use this as a means of justifying radical change in our society; mainly, one of individual liberty and economic prosperity, to one of collectivism and government dependence.  Aided and abetted by the main stream media, the Democrat Party has launched a full scale assault on Republicans with charges of bigotry, racism, and attempts to strap black Americans back in chains. They have sought make people believe that the institutions of American life have been so full of racism that only democratic reforms such as “affirmative action” can make life fair for American blacks. The Democrat Party is right about one thing; there is an institution in this country that is rife with racism, and it’s not the Republican Party.

The institutional racism that does exist in this country is one of the democrats making. In an effort to project their racist history onto anyone that opposes their agenda they have overwhelmed the nation and its institutions with theories like “Critical Race Theory” and “White Privilege Education.” Multiculturalism in our schools ensures that any viewpoint standing in opposition to liberal objectives is viewed as racist. This is a theory that has gotten so far out of control there are college professors claiming that “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” are racist because it is something that children of different cultures are not familiar with. College professors routinely go out of their way to label any one disagreeing with democrat ideals as racist, as seen in this video. 

In fact, this writer has, on several occasions, witnessed college professors calling people and their families “racist” for not voting for Barrack Obama. Underneath all of this, is the notion that black people in America have been treated so badly that there is no possible way they can be expected to compete in a white dominated society. The historical scars are so significant, according to Critical Race Theory proponents, that assuming black people are just as capable as white people is itself, a racist assumption. In other words, according to the liberals, believing in real equality is the new racism, while creating a system of special privileges such as affirmative action, that are based on the belief that blacks can only be successful with the help of the government is compassionate.  To believe something so preposterous would require one’s brain being turned into mush.

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As noted above, the institutional racism in this country does and has historically belonged to the Democrat Party. During the 100 year period between the 1850s and the 1950s, civil rights legislation was overwhelmingly supported more by Republicans than Democrats. (Republicans support of civil rights over this period, 95% as opposed to Democrats 35%) Very few people today realize, thanks to revisionist history, that the Republican Party was established in 1854 for the very purpose of stopping the spread of slavery.  The fact that the KKK was an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party is all but forgotten or ignored by those refusing to face the truth.  It’s no wonder that the Democrat Party goes to great lengths to accuse the opposition of their own evils, if people knew the truth they would never win another election.

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Below is a chronological record of the history of civil rights and the Democrats opposition to it.

1854- Republican Party formed to stop the spread of slavery.

1854-Stephen Douglas, head of the Democrat Party authored the Kansas Nebraska Act. To win southern support, Douglas promised a southern state that would support slavery. Republicans overwhelmingly opposed this bill.

1861- Majority of Democrat controlled States threaten secession form union due to Election of Republican President Abraham Lincoln, who opposed slavery.

1863-Abraham Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation while Democrat Party still supports slavery.

1865- The thirteenth amendment passed a Republican controlled congress with 100% support from Republicans and only 23% from Democrats. This amendment abolished the institution of slavery.

1866-Republican Party passes the first Civil Rights legislation protecting the rights of freed slaves.

1868-Republicans pass and ratify the fourteenth amendment, which guarantees blacks the rights due all American citizens. Republican support, 94% Democrat support, 0%

1870-Republicans pass fifteenth amendment, recognizing the right of freed slaves to vote. 100% Republican support -0% Democrat support.

1871-Republican Party passes civil rights act, or the anti KKK bill which was the enforcement of the Democrat Party.

1875-The nation’s first anti-discriminatory legislation is enacted with 99% Republican support and 0% Democrat support.

1915- Woodrow Wilson (D) Americas first official progressive president, initiates laws which undo 50 years of integration by segregating the federal government and the U.S. military.

1922- Republican Leonidas Dyer passes the first anti-lynching law in the House of Representatives. Out of 119 members voting against the measure, 103 were Democrats.

1957- The Democrat Party filibuster the first civil rights legislation to be introduced in 82 years. This legislation was introduced by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower and supported by 92% of Republicans and only 54% of Democrats.

1960- The Democrats once again filibuster civil rights legislation introduced by Dwight Eisenhower.

1964- Civil rights legislation passes due to the efforts of Republican minority leader Everette M. Dirksen. Republican support 80% Democrat support 63%. What makes the passage of this civil rights legislation significant, is the fact that Lyndon Johnson, after leading the efforts as Senate majority leader to filibuster, when introduced by Eisenhower, claims it as his own, as president, for the purpose of stealing the votes of black Americans. To quote Democratic President Lyndon Johnson-“I’ll have those n**gers voting democratic for the next 200 years.”

That last quote from President Lyndon Johnson is pretty telling. This is in reference to his plans for the “Great Society” which is nothing other than a huge welfare state that ensured black Americans would remain forever dependent on government programs. This is how we have reached a point where believing blacks can achieve something on their own merits is now viewed as racist because the Democrat Party is trying to hide the truth about their racist past and their agenda to turn the whole nation into a giant welfare state the likes of the European Union. In an earlier article, I referred to this as Critical Projection Theory. 

This is Part Two in a series. Read Part One here.

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