An Even Worse Illegal Immigration Theory in Addition to the Cloward Piven Strategy

We hear the following as a “reason” why America ought to permit illegal immigrants to wander and run across the Rio Grande into Texas: “Immigrants will do the work Americans won’t or refuse to do. We need these immigrants.” We’ve heard this over and over again. Sometimes we believe it, sometimes we don’t. But what I’ve not heard is where we’re heading with all this, and why.

Put aside for a moment the idea that Democrats want voters, and that illegal immigrants will become de facto, or actual, citizens, through the “magic” of amnesty. Rather, let’s think about economics.

What does China have which makes them the powerhouse competitor for manufactured goods? Above and beyond all things, including easier government regulations, from taxes to pollution, and relatively-inexpensive factory space, China uses slave labor.

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What we mean by “slave labor” is a workforce which en masse takes a wage much lower than the wage paid to a workforce in a competing country.

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Let’s say that in the United States it costs a manufacturer $25 per hour to find good machinists, tool-and-die, logistical, and supervisory employees, and $15 per hour for any experienced worker worth a dang, and $8-10 for service and agricultural workers. If in China those same workers make 1/2 or 1/3 those wages, China has the extreme edge over the United States when it comes to manufacturing, or virtually any other industry which can be exported, tariffs notwithstanding.

What logical conclusion do we come to? That it would behoove any nation seeking to compete with Chinese manufacturing to lower its costs. Besides taxes, what could be more natural than to destroy the wage base?

I’m not advocating this, I’m merely asking you to think about it.

So what is a flood of Mexicans besides a Cloward-and-Piven strategy to overwhelm border control? What is a flood of Mexicans besides a ploy to make good little Democrats? What is a flood of Mexicans but a poke in the eye to current American culture? What is a flood of Mexicans besides an anti-colonialist counter-move, or counter-strategy?

Why, it’s a cheap workforce who will “do the work Americans won’t or refuse to do.”

Let’s talk a little about that. In Mexico, where the government is corrupt, where cartels are always in play, and where work is scarce, the people are obviously seeking opportunity elsewhere. So they come here, to the United States. Once here, those who do work actually work hard and for a lighter wage than the average American is said to receive. But so what?

The key to the entire pro-illegal-immigrant economic argument is that America must “compete in a global market.” That’s nonsense. It’s not a “must” at all.

America is so rich in natural resources that she can be self-sufficient. There is plenty of oil, natural gas, alternative energies, food (both natural and GMO), water, minerals, concrete to keep the United States solvent for decades, without much world trade.

If we would only keep our resources off the world market, where it goes God-knows-where, we would never have to worry about a shortage. If we would only stop electing government bureaucrats and fascists who desire to control our behavior, and simultaneously profit from that control, we would be even more prosperous.

There are a few holes to fill into this plot, and a few points of contention which are neither ideological nor emotional, but, in the main, the general principles I just laid out are sufficient to make a successful plan for the consistent happiness of America, without much help from outside.

There is another resource the United States has, for which it has no further need… workers.

How is it that we have 6, 7, 8, or 15% unemployment (depending how you count it), yet we are told there is a shortage of workers? It doesn’t matter to the argument if unending unemployment compensation is the bridge which makes such a paradox, or if an eroding work ethic among long-generation employees is the culprit. The point is still, there are more able-bodied workers in America than there are jobs.

This means a wide-open border is not only, or even necessarily, that Democrats want to make teat-sucking voters out of wide-eyed Mexican illegals, but something else is afoot. And that “something else” is… seeking to replace $25, $15, and even $8 per hour Americans with $7, 5, or even $3 per hour slave laborers, in an effort to compete with China.

The single error that I see to my theory is that those who are permitting Mexicans to jump the fence, presumably to create slave labor to compete against the Chinese, are almost certainly in league with the Chinese, as both “business partners” and fellow Communists.

Let’s say I’m right, that these American ringleaders are “business partners” with the Chinese. How do they claim to be compassionate for the plight of the Mexican while at the same time they plot to enslave the Mexican? Yes, they are liars and hypocrites. But isn’t that obvious?

How can Americans be so blind to the idea that we are “helping” Mexicans while, at the same time, preparing to enslave them, not only to a low-wage slave society but also to the age-old government teat?

But what if I’m right that these American ringleaders are also comrades to the communists? Then it’s even more sinister than just slave labor for global competition. If it is a communist plot, it is to bring down the entire system, first by destroying capitalist society through government interference in the marketplace, then by shutting down the entire operation under the pretense of one crisis or another.

Now, it sounds far-fetched, that America should permit the marketplace to be closed by a handful of disgusting anti-liberty intellectuals, but we have already seen government interfering with and shutting down many types of businesses over the last eight years. Energy (coal, solar), banking (2007), manufacturing (auto industry, guitars, etc). There are examples across the board. And this is, according to their own words, just the beginning.

They talk constantly about controlling our energy, using a bludgeon of “climate change” guilt on anyone who will surrender. They control light bulbs, and will soon control your automobile mileage and electricity use through “smart” meters and kill switches. They don’t “want” to do this, they say, they “have” to!

Lawlessness is widespread now in America, in both government and private life. Corruption. Overt New World Order stuff. Kids wearing “Illuminati” and “Obey” T-shirts and hats. Hedonism out of control.

The NSA spies without apology. The IRS is now the political weapon we always knew it would become. No one has fried for Benghazi. Not to mention scandal after scandal, and incompetence upon incompetence.

So in the midst of all the chaos, why should I not believe that America will permit her way of life to go away? That Mexicans will become slaves, that current Americans will be displaced? That we are softened up for a fatal stab, as a bullfight? That we are not already a socialist nation?

I hear grousing. I see milling. I know about the anger and frustration. I live it. But where is the uprising? Where is the organized rebellion against a tyranny? Please do not tell me that such things belong to the Left. That is their argument: that they “own” anger and indignation, and that our anger is white pride, tantrums, and racism. No!

When I see militias seeking to police the border with a “man-fence,” but the government telling them to stay home, we have a government problem. A big government problem. And perhaps it is the enormity of the problem which causes the squeamish to hide, and the frightened to say “Stand down,” and even to cite the Bible that we ought to respect all authority.

Really? If that’s true, why do we not instead respect the authority of God’s Law, written in the very book most of you read, or say you read? The lawless depend on you to bow to their “authority.” They know you are invoking Bible verses to justify and cleanse your stand-down.

But invoke God’s Law, as from Exodus to Deuteronomy, and watch them really come down on you. That is the clue you are on the right track. They don’t care about your faith as long as you don’t get in their way. Notice that Christianity is just fine with these people as long as it’s used to house illegal immigrants in churches, and to bang over the head those Christians who would object. But if you demand Constitution, or Torah (God’s Law), you are a “terrorist” or a “fascist” or a “nut job.”

So here is my thesis for the day: that the influx of Mexicans into America is a prelude to their slavery, and that it’s taking place without much interruption because God-fearing people fear the government, and perhaps their own lifestyle going away, more than they fear God.

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