Satanists Blast Pro-Abortion Group For Chanting “Hail Satan!”

Like you, when I watched the video of the scene at the Texas state legislature and a group of pro-abortion activists trying to outshout a group of pro-lifers (who were singing “Amazing Grace”) by chanting “Hail Satan!” I thought how despicable. You wanted to be there just so you could shout “The Lord Rebuke You!” but instead, we watched in disbelief as groups of people stood against life, in favor of murder.

Their issue has to do with a Texas bill that would “abortions in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy and hold abortion facilities accountable for obeying health and safety laws.” But, rather than thinking that within 20 weeks – nearly five months – is enough for a woman to make a decision on whether or not to allow her child to come to full term and be born into this world, pro-abortionists believe there should be no limits whatsoever. In essence, their mantra is “Stay out of my vagina” and other absurdities. However, to those on the left, all of this makes perfect sense since to them, unborn children are not human beings. In fact, with partial-birth abortions, these unborn children are not even human beings if they survive an abortion…unless of course mom, and mom alone decides to keep said partial-birth aborted child and then, like magic, the child becomes human. I’m sure God is happy to know that human beings have now decided not when life begins, but when life becomes a human being.

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But the video highlighted the vast difference in the way some (and I want to emphasize “some” here) pro-abortionists think. Because a group of Christians stood around singing “Amazing Grace,” the opposition felt it was only right to call upon the name of the god whom they worship. Because of that, chants of “Hail Satan!” could be heard throughout the chambers. I’m sure those chanting that way thought it was a real kick in the pants. The look on some of their faces highlighted their intensity.

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But it’s not just Christians who have a problem with their prayer to their god. Other Satanists have a problem as well. One Satanist, from the UK branch of Satanism tweeted the following:

Of course, we need to realize that for most Satanists (or at least, some sects within Satanism), Satan is not so much an individual as he is an ideology. Satanism is a way of thinking that directs the way a person lives. Satanism is neither good nor bad, so they say. But it’s clear that chanting “Hail Satan!” is something that is not condoned simply because of the fact that to the Satanist, Satan is not an entity.

Nonetheless, the pro-abortion folks made their point and in essence, it was an accurate one. They worship themselves, their own ideas, and their own truth. This is exactly what Satan does, biblically speaking. He worships himself, his own ideas, and his truth. Why shouldn’t his followers do the same?

The people who chanted “Hail Satan!” did so as an act of defiance against Christians who stand for life and truth. Satan has never stood for either, so it is actually understandable that those who follow in the same path he forged would hold him up to high esteem.

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