The Establishment Guest Host Attacks Social Conservatives

I was out running errands last week and turned on the radio to my usual talk station. It was around 4:30 PM, so I knew the Sean Hannity show would be on. I also knew Sean was on vacation, therefore, he would have a guest host. I was stuck in the car, so I listened.

Now, prior to Hannity, Rush also had a guest host. It was Mark Steyn. Very funny – very conservative – very intelligent.

Mark loves speaking on air with liberals because, like Rush, he knows their talking points and can easily defeat them in a battle of wits.

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Most of us conservatives listen to talk radio, not because they make fun of liberals, but because the hosts we like generally put a voice to our thoughts. They think as we think. At least most do.

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The several segments I heard lamented Harry Reid’s plan to pack the DC court with liberals. He described Harry Reid as having to do so, due to his fear of losing the Senate next year.

Okay, so far I agreed with him. He, the host of whose name I didn’t catch (now verified as Neal Boortz), nor care, said that he doesn’t believe the Republicans will take the Senate back.

All right, we’re on the same page here, I thought. He’s going to come back after the break and say what I’m thinking, “In order to win, we need more real conservatives, more politicians with backbones, more fighters.”

Well, he did return to explain why Republicans would not prevail. He exclaimed that the Republicans will lose because they will run social conservatives. He said it with such disdain in his voice that I was stunned by it.

He claimed that Republicans might actually put up pro-life candidates. Again there was disgust in his voice. Not a pro-life candidate? Oh, the horror!

The host then stated, as an aside, there is no pro-life. It is actually a choice between pro-choice and no choice.

At this point, I began to speak rather loudly to the radio – as if that would do any good. You all know what I mean. You’ve done it too. My retort was “That statement was a load of crap!”

The left, establishment Republicans and evidently this host, is not pro-choice. They are, in fact, pro-abortion. Within the Democratic Party, there is no choice for life. They won’t allow it, and the establishment Republicans are simply afraid to broach the topic. Heck, the Democrats won’t even allow a mildly pro-life Democrat on the stage at their conventions. There’s choice for you.

This particular topic really seemed to have irked the host – the fact that some Republicans won’t check their firmly held beliefs at the door and join the strictly fiscally conservative crowd (as if there is such a thing).

This is the reason he believes Republicans will lose in 2014. It’s not that we continue to put up candidates like the McCains, Grahams and Hatchs. No, that’s not it.

I guess, according to this guest host, we need more “maverick” aisle crossers and backroom dealers.

I would love to ask the guest host what the point is in electing these “grand compromisers”?

So you win the Senate with these “establishment” Republicans. What then? Will they then stand up to Obama and Harry Reid? No, of course not! They will compromise and surrender like the French Republicans they are.

At least we will control both Houses. Is that what these establishment Republicans really want? Just the control? Yep, that’s it!

Obamacare will remain intact – illegals will flood in knowing “immigration reform” will pass.

Basically, life will suck, but at least the Republicans will control the purse strings, and that’s really the most important thing.

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