Eric Holder: Obama Wants To Decide Who Is ‘Entitled’ To Second Amendment Rights

Attorney General Eric Holder discussed gun violence at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia on Thursday and called last week’s shootings at Price Middle School and Morehouse College both shocking and outrageous and said that they were reminders a pervasive epidemic of gun violence. While Holder attempted to say the administration was attempting to strike a balance between advocating for tougher gun regulations while preserving the gun rights of citizens, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, he went on to state quite clearly that Barack Obama has asked him to “expand” the criteria of the “wrong people” getting their hands on guns.

Holder spoke to the audience before taking questions. In his speech he said, “I’m inspired – and humbled – by the strength and resilience you’ve shown. More importantly, I want you to know that I’m proud to stand with you – and to join with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and our colleagues across the Administration – in advocating for a common-sense approach to reducing gun violence, preventing deadly weapons from falling into the wrong hands, and keeping our neighborhoods and schools more secure.

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“The Administration’s plan,” Holder continued, “which I helped the Vice President and others to develop, and which the President announced last month – includes a series of 23 executive actions that the Justice Department and other federal agencies are working to implement, along with a range of legislative proposals we’ve called upon Congress to pass without delay. Thanks to the support and engagement of countless Americans like you, I’m optimistic about where these efforts will lead us.”

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Holder added, “But, in addition to keeping the American people safe from gun violence, I want to take this opportunity to assure you that my colleagues and I are just as firmly committed to protecting the sacred civil rights to which every citizen is entitled. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work of the dedicated attorneys, staff, and law enforcement partners who serve in and with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. As Attorney General, I have the great privilege – and solemn duty – of leading national efforts to enforce the civil rights laws and protections that generations of advocates have fought to secure. This constitutes one of the Department’s highest priorities. And I’m proud to report that our approach has quite simply never been more effective.”

Obviously it was not a priority during Operation Fast and Furious. However, Holder went on to take questions from the audience and this is where his comments pointed to the Obama administration determining exactly who the expansion of the categories that would deny Second Amendment rights to entered the discussion.

Holder didn’t say who this might apply to specifically. He did, however, state, “A person who has a gun should be a person who is entitled to have one.”

Holder went on to say, “We have Second Amendment rights and there is nothing in what the President is trying to do that will affect those Second Amendment rights, but there’s certain people; people who have mental health issues perhaps… people who have felony records. These are all categories of people who are not entitled to carry a gun and I think that we have to make sure that that continues to be the case.”

Never mind that Holder’s own DOJ and ATF put nearly 2,500 firearms in the hands of criminal drug cartels in Mexico.

“One of the things the President has asked me to do is to look at that list, to look at those categories and see if we need to expand it to make sure that, again, the wrong people do not come into possession of guns,” Holder added.

Friends, the argument over violent felons is valid only if the law will not mete out just punishment. There was no argument over whether a person’s rights were being violated when someone was found guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping or various other crimes that warranted the death penalty. Now we don’t want to execute people for such crimes, so they “pay their debt to society,” which is not even close to justice, and then we let them back on the streets, but remove their Second Amendment rights; rights that are claimed to be unalienable and given by God. Personally, I’d rather see justice served and not argue about who is and is not entitled to what we have been told are God given rights that the government cannot take away.

Additionally, those who were determined to be mentally ill, not by the Federal government though, were relagated to institutions, but we don’t do that now because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

However, what should concern every American is just who this “expansion” of categories of those that the Obama administration deems to not be “entitled” to arms applies to. Will it be those with a particular political persuasion? ideology? theology? What will determine this and how will they attempt to enforce it?

Personally, it seems clear that any and all attempts by those in Washington at what is commonly referred to as “gun control” are nothing more than Federal infringements upon the Second Amendment and thus unlawful and unconstitutional. Those seeking to do it, who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution, should be tried as traitors of the United States and if found guilty, their rights should not be taken from them, but rather they should face the punishment for treason, which is death.

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