Epidemic Rates of Suicide Among Veterans & Active Duty Military – Obama Vows to Cure Aids for Sasha and Malia

Veteran suicides are growing at a rate that will soon surpass that of civilians. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the rate of American heterosexual HIV rate infections has remained stable for years. Five days ago President Obama vowed to “chart a different future, guided by our love for those we couldn’t save,” and committed $100 million additional American taxpayer dollars to a “world without aids that he wants for his daughters.”

militarysuicidenasalsprayOn December 1, 2013, President Obama hosted the annual “World AIDS Day” celebration. The President gave a heart warming speech prioritizing his new Executive Branch goal of curing AIDS, committed 100 million taxpayer dollars to additional AIDS research and presided over the hanging of a big red AIDS ribbon on our White House.

After reviewing the transcript of Obama’s AIDS day speech, I looked up the most recent data on AIDS infections and deaths in America. I also researched data on veteran and active duty military suicides.

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The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) claimed 15,529 Americans infected with AIDS died in 2010.

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However, and again according to the CDC, not all Americans with AIDS died of AIDS related causes. Many of them die in car accidents, homicides, suicides, plane crashes, drowning and from other non-AIDS related medical maladies. Yet they are all counted by the CDC as “American victims of AIDS.” Some experts claim the true number of AIDS deaths in America is actually less then 50% of those reported by the CDC as “AIDS deaths.”

In would appear, AIDS deaths in America—as unemployment rates, economic growth and the costs of Obamacare—are purposely manipulated to sway public opinion.

A comprehensive look at CDC data can be found here.

Prior to 2010, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DOMA) never bothered to keep accurate statistics on active duty and military veteran suicides. Recently the DOD reported 349 active duty military suicides for the year 2012.

A 2013 Department of Veterans Affairs report (using veteran suicide rates from 1999-2010) determined veterans choose suicide once every 65 minutes (22 times per day) in America. However, this report fails to take into account suicides committed by veterans not under VA care or in the VA system. VA reports also exclude homeless veterans that die anonymously, those veterans that die in self-inflicted car crashes, by drug overdose and those that do not leave a note. These suicides are rarely reported and are never recorded by the Veterans Administration.

Using government data, veteran suicides have increased 31% since 1999 and show no signs of slowing. Many experts claim that the current under reported veteran suicide rate (over 8000 per year) will steadily climb if the Department of Veterans Affairs does not reduce its case backlog, expedite disability ratings and pursue long overdue overhaul of an inefficient and unresponsive VA.

Clearly, veteran and active duty military suicide is at epidemic levels. The same cannot be said of Americans dying from AIDS. One would think veteran and active duty suicide rates would foster more than feigned Presidential moral disdain. One could also assume this disgraceful national epidemic is worthy of “government investment” or some well-intentioned Obama constitutional violation, but you would be disappointed.

Therefore, what has Obama done about military suicides and VA care?

In August of 2012, President Obama issued an executive order directing the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DOVA) to expand mental health and suicide prevention services for our veterans and active duty military.

In keeping with Obama’s respect for constitutional limitations on Presidential power, Obama’s executive order did not authorize one penny of additional funding for these mandated military suicide prevention efforts. That funding would take an additional year, and with the wait, thousands of additional veteran lives and hundreds of troop suicides would accumulate.

President Obama’s 2014 federal budget request included $23.2 billion dollars for federally mandated AIDS domestic care and treatment programs. The Center for Disease control estimates 1.1 million Americans are infected with HIV. The 2014 Department of Veterans Affairs “Veterans’ Medical Care Budget” request totaled $57.93 billion. The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates the current US population of veterans at 22 million. You do the math

The argument can be made that veteran and active duty military deaths far exceed deaths from HIV/AIDS and the numbers do not lie. So why is a top ten cause of American deaths—military deaths—not a priority for the Obama Administration?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, lack of timely diagnosis and access to VA care is the number one cause of military suicides in our nation. Military suicides that currently exceed real AIDS deaths in America.

It is not likely the Obama children will ever enter the military, serve in active duty military operations and return home with combat related PTSD. Given there mother and father’s sexual proclivities, and their ethnicity, Sasha and Malia Obama are—more than likely—at an elevated risk of future HIV/AIDS infection.

Their father’s selfish concerns are somewhat understandable. However, I ask America if they share President Obama’s passion for preserving irresponsible sexual practices over the lives of those that protect our nation from our enemies.

In the time it took to complete Obama’s self-aggrandizing sexually transmitted disease celebration, two US combat veterans—American fathers, mothers, sons and daughters—would hopelessly take their lives. Moreover, everyday that $100 million dollar AIDS ribbon hangs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, more preventable veteran and active duty military suicides go unabated.

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