Enslavement or Freedom? The Choice is Ours!

This is my take on what is going on in our nation today and it hurts me to see that a mere 30 or 40 percent of the people actually go out and vote. I would love to see 100 percent every time, but I know that is not going to happen, as people just don’t have the time to vote anymore, and when they do, they do so based upon what they are told and not upon what they find out. Many elections are determined by 40 percent or less of the voters, and that makes it very dangerous, as it allows a minority to control the way the majority live. Isn’t it time to stop this and allow our opinions to be heard and not silenced by shouts of racism, sexism, or any other type of act to silence the people’s right of FREE expression?

We wake up this morning hearing news about a loner that shot people in Colorado and hearing how Black Lives Matter is seemingly only concerned with black lives if they were eliminated by a white individual. The Democrats plan to combat that—very simple and very Marxist, maybe even similar to Fascist—is to confiscate all the guns, as they did in England, Australia, and other places where only the criminals and police have guns.

It is a very different world we live in today, with the possible candidates of the Democratic Party being a pure Socialist (Bernie Sanders) and a borderline Communist (Hillary Clinton). Both of the top alleged Democrats have stated that the Constitution needs to be reworded. Hillary Clinton even stated that we have to rewrite the Bill of Rights. It is very sad for a party that is once again alleged to be for the people to openly state they have to change the Constitution in order to do what they have to do. The Democrats, who more closely represent the Communist/Socialist ideologies today, would rather destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights to draw up a draconian rule of law where they would become dictators and the only classes of people would be the ruling class and the servants of that class.

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Is this what the Democratic Party has become? We just have to remember that every action against the black people began with the Democratic party, a party that says they are out to help the poor people, while working to keep them under their control by keeping them poor and as subjects of the Democratic party. They may as well change that name to either Socialist or Communist, that way, we see what the Democrats now hide beneath the cover of their icon word, “Democrats.”

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We began this article with the ideas tossed out by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders of destroying the Second Amendment and we have to ask why that is. It is very simple because if the Communist/Socialist wish is to obtain total control over the people, they have to eliminate the largest problem they face—a nation with a gun under every bed. They know that, in order to forcefully take the United States towards the ideology they are pushing for, they cannot have an armed citizenry. But that was the idea of and purpose of the Second Amendment: to ensure that the Democrats ideology of a gun-free utopian society controlled by an overpowering government would not be able to exist within a free society where the people run the government, not the other way around.

With this in mind, we see a man whom many in the Republican Party hate because of his outright truthful ideas and his straightforward approach to problems we face today. I do not support Donald Trump, but I do understand his ideas, and if we look back at the founding fathers of our nation, we can see a close narrative of the same ideas—a nation run like a business, not run by the Government, but by the people. The Republican Party itself does not like Mr. Trump because his ideas are not part of their plan that, in some cases, closely approaches the Democrat ideas and philosophy. Ted Cruz is another man who challenges the Republican ideas; he, like Trump, stand for our basic principles–God, Family, and Country. Trump and Cruz both make statements—strong ones, too—that the Second Amendment needs to be as it is. Both also support those of us who served this nation in the military. Yet, the establishment Republican Party does not like either man.

The Republican Party needs to wake up and understand that if they do not stop the interference and allow the people to decide the outcome of the party, they will lose the next election, and that will be the end of our freedom and rights, along with any party other than the dictatorship of the Socialist/Communist Democratic Party.

It is about time for our nation to wake up from the slumber of the electronic world and tools and get back to defending our Constitution…and not just parts that matter, but all of it. If WE THE PEOPLE do not wake up and vote for the Constitution, against the Socialistic ideology of the Democratic Party, our nation will fail under the leadership of the Socialist, as has every Socialist/Communist regime. If WE THE PEOPLE do not get out there and vote for the Constitution, we will lose our freedom and be bound to only what the government says we can have and how we can work and live. This is not a far-fetched idea, as Hillary Clinton openly stated that she will work to change the Bill of Rights, and her first objective will be total gun confiscation, which will lead to even more problems and deaths.

If you love your freedom today, you had better open your eyes, study those running for President, and see which one not only supports the Constitution, but is also unafraid to speak up about it. Remember that, without the Second Amendment, the First Amendment is nearly meaningless. Today, we can see the attacks upon the First Amendment in our colleges and streets, where, if one gives a statement in opposition to the Socialist/Communist, they will be called racist, sexist, or any word to silence them. In our nation today, free speech is being torn apart by the people who support the Socialist/Communist ideologies of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

This coming election for President is not just a race between Republican and Democrat; it is a race between freedom and enslavement. We have to stop wandering around in our little worlds, confined to what we see and do just within our circles, and we as a nation have to begin to think about the future of our children and what we leave them today. Do we leave our children with a free society, or do we leave them with a Society that has enslaved the people through the removal of our Constitution and rights and, most of all, our very freedoms? It is up to us, and if we stay at home and forget to vote, we leave our children and grandchildren in the bounds of slavery to a government that will tell you all phases of your life. The choice is yours and we do hope you pick freedom over enslavement.

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