Election 2012: Billions Spent, The Song Remains the Same

Well, I must say that I for one am glad the election is over. Sometimes things can get just way too emotional and hyped up that you just want to not read anything on the subject or hear anything about it. In fact, you just want to go to a cabin with no media, internet, or radio for a week. However, after billions of dollars were spent, political mudslinging, some of the most outrageous advertisements and various other political maneuvering America remains with the same teams controlling the same things, and I do mean controlling.

Barack Obama won the presidency, defeating GOP candidate Mitt Romney in what can only be described as a photo finish. The polls were exactly right and this was no where near a landslide that many commentators on both sides were calling for.

The Republicans maintain the House and the Democrats continue to control the Senate. The Democrats picked up two seats in the Senate while Republicans picked up eleven seats in the House.

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There will obviously be a lot of Monday Morning Quarterbacking taking place today on the GOP side. However, let me just make a few observations.

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First, those two seats that were lost could have at least been offset with the election of Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. I’ll remind you that there is really no one to point to for their failure here but the GOP itself. Both men are completely pro-life and conservative and yet because of just one statement both men were basically abandoned by the party and the leadership backed away from them. In Akin’s case, the RNC pulled money that could have helped him with the Senate seat.

Second, while Mitt Romney is most definitely a good business man and I’m sure a good family man who has many admirable qualities, he was not who the GOP should have had run the race. As Charles Krauthammer said last night on Fox News, Romney is a liberal moderate that attempts to speak conservatism as a second language. I agree with that evaluation.

There are a number of other factors as well. I don’t think Romney’s Mormonism helped him either. I think he did give his all, but in the end, Obama catered to his voters in a way that got him past the finish line.

Here’s the thing, I can sit and reflect on so many things that Romney and the GOP did wrong this year and maybe it would be helpful, but there are more intelligent people than I who are pontificating on the subject. But one thing is for sure: we are basically stuck with the same government we had before the election, which mainly means a form of gridlock. Gridlock is good.

Gary North at Tea Party Economist writes:

I will make no changes in my life based on Obama’s victory. That is because he is boxed in.The House is solidly Republican. The Senate Democrats cannot get a 60-vote majority to shut off a filibuster.

Washington is headed for gridlock. This is good. This is not a dysfunctional government. A dysfunctional government passes lots of laws. The laws are almost always bad laws. Then the federal bureaucracy interprets and implements these laws in the Federal Register. What little that might have been good gets bad. A gridlocked government is the best we can hope for. That was true last year, too. It was true in 1955. It was true especially in 1913.

If my assessment is accurate, then the election of 2012 was not “the election of the last century.” The election of 1964 was important, and it was a rout for Goldwater. The most important election since 1896 was in 1904. Who can recall the name of the Democrat who lost — the last “Clevelandite,” meaning the end of the Old Democracy? That defeat changed America as no election ever since did. That election gave us Wilson, Roosevelt, and Johnson.

He’s right. However, things like Obamacare and a balanced budget can be attained if the Republicans controlling the House will simply not bend to political expediency and force Obama’s hand on funding things like Obamacare. They have that Constitutional power. They simply do not pass and spending at all and force him to the table or allow the government to shut down till they can come to terms. Obama will call them names and the media will berate them, but then again, they do that already, so I would advise them to do what is right and let the chips fall where they may.

There is no question that a lot of hype has been made over this election. It’s the day after and life continues on as it did yesterday. Tyranny is still alive, freedom still beats in your heart and the living Triune God is still upon His throne. Nothing is out from under His decree and we should seek not only to turn from our sins and throw ourselves upon His mercy, but we should also be those who pray that Almighty God change the heart of the President and of our leaders that they would serve the people. Until such takes place or he is removed from office and another takes his place, I’ll continue to report what is happening so that you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to make both political and personal decisions.

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