Edward Snowden Clemency Rejected by Hypocritical White House & Congressional Intelligence Members Because He “Broke the Law”

After Edward Snowden exposed the extent of the NSA spying, he became, in the eyes of the government, a fugitive charged with espionage and theft of government property. His revelations have astounded the public and world alike as new information continues to surface. His plight gained worldwide attention leading to his acceptance of an asylum offer by Russia.

Edward SnowdenNow, it has been reported that Snowden has asked for clemency from the US government. According to the Daily News, the White House and intelligence committees’ heads have rejected his request.

The Daily News states:

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White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer said on ABC’s “This Week” that no offers are being discussed, and that Snowden should return to the US and face charges.

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Pfeiffer’s sentiment was echoed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who chair their respective committees.

Rogers called clemency for Snowden a “terrible idea.” Feinstein said Snowden broke the law when he could have privately reported his revelations to her committee.

If it was not for a pretty good memory, I would buy into what these two politicians were spewing. However, my memory is a bit longer than a 36 hour reset among America’s low information public.

Was it not Dianne Feinstein who brought automatic rifles into Washington, DC where unconstitutional gun laws exist that caused criminal charges to be filed against a veteran for ammunition in a backpack?

Was it not Dianne Feinstein who publicly declared that Congress knew about all this NSA monitoring since it was being overseen in committee? Did she not also say that there was nothing to worry about in front of the news media?

I do believe it was the same Dianne Feinstein, who lied about advocating gun control, committed a crime with impunity and supported the NSA monitoring of every American, who said these things. I can’t imagine why anyone would not go to her or her committee with such important revelations. After watching members of Congress and their staff break the law with impunity for years, I can honestly say there would be no way I would present any information regarding law breaking by a government agency to any one of them or a committee.

Let’s recap, shall we? In the Fast and Furious illegal gun dealings, who has been held accountable and responsible? Who has been brought up on criminal charges?

In the case of the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, who has been charged with criminal activity even after proof has been shown Lois Lerner absolutely violated the law?

And we cannot or should ever forget Benghazi, where American lives were lost due to dereliction of duty. Who has been brought up on charges and held responsible?

Congress is so adept at investigating and pressing criminal charges against violators of the law it is inconceivable to these members that someone would go to the news media instead of the government who is here to address the criminal acts of alphabet agencies.

According to Feinstein, Congress would have dealt with these revelations had Snowden reported them privately to the committee or her. It must be nice to live in the fantasy land of Dianne Feinstein. Blatant acts of criminal activity have been committed right under the nose of Congress, yet Congress turns a blind eye or becomes an accomplice to the crime.

When a high political official “gave taxpayer dollars to campaign contributors and lobbyists, falsely claiming the money was for ‘green energy,'” where was Congress? The company’s condition was overstated so help could be given to friends. Can anyone say Martha Stewart? (Item number 25 on the list)

An elected government official exempted wind farms from penalties levied against other electrical producers for killing hunting birds such as eagles, hawks and falcons. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act makes killing a single bird illegal. (Item number 54 on the list)

Whatever happened to the elected government official who dismissed charges of voter intimidation even when there was video evidence supporting the charges? (Item number 59)

And pray tell, what has been done about the elected official who has been accused by nine states of 21 illegal acts? These charges were issued in a report by the Attorney Generals of those states. (Item number 85)

Not surprisingly, these are but a few of the violations of law by Barack Hussein Obama that have been perpetrated right in the face of Congress and it seems, with their blessing. The entire essay cites 407 separate incidences where Obama and his administration have lied or violated the law. Each incident has detailed sources to back up the claims.

Any one of these law violations would be enough to have charges filed against a person who committed the illegal activity but as yet, no charges have been filed against this lawless President and his administration. Yet, Feinstein has the nerve to say Snowden could have reported privately to the committee or her. Yeah, right! That’s like a hen walking into the fox’s den.

While lawlessness reigns among the “ruling” class in America and the “nobility” seeks to decimate their subjects, Snowden will never receive any type of clemency or whistleblower status in America. Our Constitutional principle of equity of the law and equality under the law has all but vanished. The President, who is to be the example of the American way of life, and Congress has decided the laws are for the people; but, the creature of the people along with those employed by the creature are exempt from the law. Whistleblowers are punished and criminals are rewarded.

Wake up America. These are the action of dictators, feudal monarchical rulers and despots the world over. It doesn’t matter which political party to which you subscribe, whether liberal or conservative, breaking the law is criminal and should be punished accordingly.

Anyone who condones any of the illegal activity of this president or Congress, please submit your name and address on the web for all to see. I’m sure there are plenty of individuals who would love to come relieve you of your property, belongings and money or commit unspeakable atrocities against your person with impunity. After all, supporting crime and going against the law of the land (The Constitution) is advocating crime and disregarding the law of the land, no matter who commits it. Why should someone’s position in society, political association or position in government determine whether the law is applicable to them or not?

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