Obviously in this election the top issue for voters is the economy. Historically when the economy is the issue and it is a bad economy the incumbent is looking at being ousted. In this election year, with all of the economy problems, the new laws, some of which, in this writer's opinion, are treasonous, and the growth of government one would think that the current occupant of the White House would be in serious trouble.

Latest polls show that the President show the President to have lost 15% approval rating since January, according to a Rasmussen report out today. Just 25% of the nation's voters approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president, while 40% strongly disapprove.

What boggles the mind is how the man can still have close to a 50% overall approval number, with only a 25% approval of his role as president.

One thing is for sure, our society is becoming evermore dependent upon government and government subsidies. This in large measure seems to be the case for the overall approval numbers being up.

Our nation is reaching the tipping point of being overbalanced between those receiving government subsidies and those not receiving them.

Though we are told in the media that unemployment is making it's way down, what they fail to take into account are the many who never sign up for unemployment or those who have simply run the course and are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits. These things are never taken into account when we see the numbers for unemployment.

One thing is for sure in this election, the GOP nominee must focus his sights on the President and his policies. They must show the utter failure of the past 3 years. They must demonstrate that the hope and change Obama promised has become the hopelessness and depression, that those of us who read up on the man before he took office, knew it would be.

It is a good thing to have several candidates running in the primaries. The fact that ideas are brought to bear and records challenged is a good thing. It is good because it is a vetting process.

We certainly do not want someone who tells us one thing and then compromises once in office where he has the ability to stop certain things and pass others that are good.

The time will come for the GOP nominee to deal directly with the current President, but until then, it is good to get all the cards out on the table and see how they handle things. The debates have shown us who is strong in these areas and who is not. They have demonstrated whose ideas are good and based on facts and whose are not.

Ultimately, I believe any of the candidates can beat Obama. However, the process is showing us, at least in the debates who will do well against him and who will not. My fellow Americans, we must look at that realistically. We must see who will go toe to toe with Obama and his policies and record and come out on top without any baggage they have being an albatross around their necks.

The question is which one can and will do this? Looking beyond this, which candidate will truly fulfill his oath of office and not look to compromise for political expediency, but will be man the people of America can trust in office.

As in the days of Clinton, the office of the Presidency has been stained for far too long. It is time to clean it up and put someone in there who respects the office, respects the Constitution and respects the people he serves. As the Knight said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “Choose wisely.”

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