Gangs in America. It's an increasing problem, especially with the "welcome mat" laid out along the open southern border for Mexican drug cartels, coyotes, and human traffickers. Big cities normally see the evidence of gangs in neighborhoods because of the graffiti left by members marking their territory; but, small towns in the US can have gang prevalence without seeing any overt evidence. What is our nation to do about the increasing gang problem and violence in our communities?

According to Education Secretary Arne "we need public boarding schools" Duncan, these gang members and leaders need jobs. Speaking at the same summit where he introduced the idea of "public boarding schools," Duncan confessed that he "has met with gang leaders" in his hometown of Chicago, and these "gangsters" indicated to him that it was a lack of jobs that kept these members engaged in illicit activities.

Duncan stated, "So we need to think about what we do at scale to create those kind of opportunities for young people who just have to make some money, want to do it in a positive way, but in too many places they don't exist."

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Does this sound familiar to other government rhetoric? Marie Harf claimed that if ISIS members had jobs, they wouldn't be conducting beheadings, destroying property, taking over territory within several nations' borders, and trying to oust governments. The answer is to give gang members, thugs and barbarians jobs since that is what will stop their criminal, immoral, illicit activities. All anyone has to do is look at Congress, the federal government, State and local governments to know that's a crock of bull manure. reports there are some 600 gangs in Chicago, earning it the title "gang capital of the United States," with approximately 70,000 members.

Obama is from Chicago, served as a Senator from the State of Illinois, and his Democratic friends control the city of Chicago; yet, nothing has been done about the "gang" problem all this time, when all they had to do was create jobs. In fact, one could say their policies led to increased gang activity by the desecration of jobs, IF that is where these "government officials" want to hang their hats.

Let's see if the understanding is complete here. Government officials will not listen to the majority of the public, refuse to meet with law-abiding citizens to discuss government policies that directly affect us, and dismiss our concerns regarding lack of information, and institute policies to desecrate job creation; but, will meet with "gangsters" to determine what "problems" they face "causing" these thugs to be criminals and then want to solve the problem with of all things, jobs.

Just when you thought stupid was as far down the ladder as you could go, some government official pipes up with a comment that is worse than stupid, ignorant or dumb. It just goes to show the old adage about blondes applies to gray haired males as well. What's even more incredulous is the fact that this individual repeated the same "jobs" line as Harf after all the backlash she received from the public.

Someone should remind Duncan that like ISIS, the gang members of Chicago have a job – their job is committing crime, including homicide, aka murder. Of the 433 homicides in the city of Chicago, one third of those are gang related. Yes, providing these hooligans with jobs will prevent gang related murders and crime. Anyone who believes that should contact me as the property I own in Arizona with a stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico is for sale at less than market value price.

Since Duncan is the Secretary of the Department of Education, one wonders if he will propose the DOE to become some sort of "gang member employment agency" like it is to become "guardians of Americans' children." Maybe, Duncan is being paraded out to the media by the Obama administration to make comments that are "more than stupid, ignorant and dumb" to provide a cover for other nefarious activities happening right under our nose. With this administration, anything is possible – and that's not meant in a good way.

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