I Don’t Trust the Obama Administration to Keep America Safe….Do You?

While watching the news every night, the more the talk about Obama’s so-called “strategy” for defeating ISIS or ISIL or whatever they’re calling it, coming out of Washington D.C. looks more and more dismal every single day. Hell, our President can’t even keep people from hopping over his own fence, so why would I trust him to keep my life and the lives of my family safe from any threat? Every single active duty general officer (and all of the retired ones) agrees: you absolutely cannot defeat this terrorist army without using American combat troops on the ground. To even think, that by spending five hundred billion tax payer dollars to train and equip the supposed “moderate” Syrian rebels and expect them to defeat ISIS is the absolute worst idea ever conceived. Reports from news agencies have come in that at least 100 individuals holding U.S. passports have left the country, trained with ISIS, and come back to the U.S. don’t give me any confidence in this administration’s ability either. The administration released a statement that the DHS and FBI were “monitoring” these individuals, but what are they waiting for them to do? Will they have to blow something up and murder American citizens before they are arrested? Why are these terrorists still able to even get off a plane in this country? Even Canada has said that if you go to the Middle East and fight for ISIS, you will lose your passport and your freedom if you try to return there. 

Also, all the while, our southern border is still wide open, with criminals, drug dealers and even radical Islamist’s being able to cross over it with almost impunity on a daily basis. No, I do not believe for a single solitary second, that this president, or anyone in his entire administration, knows what the hell they are doing when it comes to national security. Obama has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is completely incompetent when it comes to foreign policy, so how can we logically trust him?

The vote by congress to give Syrian rebels five hundred billion dollars was nothing more than a token show piece at best. We are almost 18 trilllion dollars in debt as it is, and spending another half trillion to equip a questionable, non-vetted, force of five thousand and expecting them to do the job for us is ludicrous.

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But, between the anti-war liberal supporters of Obama and this administration’s own adamant idea of not getting America into another conflict, can anyone with a modicum of intelligence, possibly expect even moderate success with the “plan” as it now stands? 

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Because I sure as hell don’t!

Time and time again, this president has not only made a fool of himself, but has consistently embarrassed this nation on the world stage for the last six years. With Barack Hussein Obama Jr., it is always about politics, and the only thing he has done is show us that the only people he does persecute and “degrade,” are his political opponents. If he spent half as much time in the security of this nation, as he has done in going after conservatives, Tea Party members, gun owners, and Christians here at home, I might (and that’s a thin “might”), trust him to keep American citizens safe from harm. But as it is….I cannot in good conscience do that. I have no confidence or trust in him at all. He is allowing an invasion of American soil by illegal aliens, criminals, murderers, drug dealers and disease ridden children. He is literally shipping these illegal aliens all over the country and re-settling them in different states without even informing the state authorities first.  Since this whole “ISIS” thing has been going on, everybody seems to have forgotten all about that and that is what Obama is counting on (remember…never let a good crisis go to waste).  

Trust this president to keep me or my family safe….I don’t think so!

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