Does Jim Carrey Really Care about the Children?

We all know that actor Jim Carrey is a typical Hollywood liberal. He supports all the typical liberal causes as well as leftist politicians. In 2008, in praise of newly elected Barack Obama, Carrey said: “It’s amazing to see the difference in one day after he was elected… We’ve been doing everything in our power in the last eight years to make [other countries] dislike us. We’ve completely discounted other people for the last eight years and I think this is a sign to them that we understand that they’re there and that we have to play ball with everybody.”

Carrey is anti-gun, of course buys in completely to the man-made global warming hoax, and naturally hates Fox News, which he calls Fux News. Being a good Hollywood liberal, he undoubtedly supports all liberal politicians and, most likely, did so of Gov. Moonbeam, Jerry Brown.

But now, he has a major beef with the Governor, since Brown just “signed into law one of the nation’s strictest immunization laws… which strikes down personal belief exemptions for immunization and requires all school-age children to be vaccinated by kindergarten and then again by seventh grade.”

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The law was a typical knee-jerk reaction to a major measles outbreak in Disneyland last year.

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Now, one would think (if one were to give it any thought at all, which liberals never do) that Carrey would be all for this. After all, knee-jerk, reactionary policy is the trademark of liberalism. I’m sure if this were a reactionary gun law, he’d be all for it.

Doesn’t he understand that when leftists run things, they use the full weight of government to impose their will on others? But not this time. This is a pet peeve of Carrey’s. Carrey is a firm believer that vaccines are unsafe and cause autism in children.

He took to Twitter, where he said: “California Gov. says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum and mandatory vaccines. This corporate fascist must be stopped. They say mercury in fish is dangerous but forcing all of our children to be injected with mercury in thimerosol is no risk. Make sense?”

This is a perfect example of the one-size-fits-all law that liberals are supposed to love. But Carrey is protesting the new law for the children. He’s all about children – especially the hungry – worldwide. Or is he?

In 2005, Jim Carrey created his foundation – “Better U.”  He says his foundation “was created so that I might continue to expand my awareness of what people need, to relieve or prevent suffering where possible, and to offer the kind of assistance that allow someone to grow toward independence and self empowerment. The world has lots of problems, I believe the greatest of which is food insecurity, the most inhuman form of poverty. No country or group of people has ever developed a vital or responsible citizenry without increasing their agricultural productivity. The bridge to a person’s mind is through their stomachs.”

He claims that Better U is funded through and collaborates with many organizations, including governments, universities, and, of course, environmentalists. “… the serious problems of food insecurity, climate change, deteriorating soil systems, conserving water and other natural resources, ultimately, creating healthier lives for those most honorable among us.”

All that is great, but there’s a problem. See, Carrey is a global warming guy – he’s an anti-deforestation guy. He’s an advocate of organic food and against chemical pesticides. Here’s the problem.

In 2011, the Guardian wrote: “The drive for more biofuels that fuel vehicles and power stations in rich countries is having another, more localized effect. Companies are scouring the globe for land to meet biofuel targets. There is simply not enough land in the rich world to cater for the new demand; where better to look than in the developing world, particularly Africa where land is supposedly abundant and cheap. So land vital for food crops in developing countries is being turned over to grow biofuels, invariably for export.”

That same year, ActionAid found five massive biofuel plantations in Kenya, one spanning almost 125,000 acres.

I’d be curious to know how Jim Carrey and his Better U foundation, who claim to wish to “feed the children,” or any other liberal, would square with these stats. I’d also be interested to know if Carrey would deny the helpless African children of much-needed vaccines because they might contain an ingredient that’s never been proven to be harmful in the vaccines.

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