Doctor Strangelove Lives in Tehran

My friend “The Big Democrat” likes to remind me that “Ignorance is a verb.”

And although it ruffles my feathers when he tells me this because he says it with such a derisive tone when speaking about the American people, I cannot challenge him on his view.

Having lived in nearly two dozen countries around the world and having visited all and lived in most of these United States of America at one time or another, I really do wish that I could disagree with him. Comparatively speaking, the average American citizen is no better informed about their own history or the workings of their own governments and much less so about the reality of the world in general than are the decedents of the great Mayan civilizations that I met in Central America.

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I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to live in the Middle East for several years, to include Tehran, Iran, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And let me be clear: by “live in,” I mean exactly that. I lived on the local economies where my nearest English (not necessarily American) speaking neighbor was many blocks or even miles away. Many Americans “live in” those countries, only they don’t. They live in large and small compounds which are “Little America Enclaves” where they have everything that they had back home, like movie theaters, golf courses, swimming pools, and… BACON. I really did miss the bacon.

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And I have walked the death camps of Germany, where the huge crematoriums have “SIEMENS” embossed on the oven doors. If Mike Huckabee is guilty of anything for his remarks alluding to the Holocaust, it might be that he is guilty of a major understatement. If this “Treaty” is not defeated, The Holocaust will be recalled as nothing more than a footnote to a Sunday afternoon picnic in comparison.

Earlier today, Fox News Channel aired an outtake of our current Secretary of State, John “The Traitor” Kerry (he really should wear a skirt), as he tried to defend his current traitorous debacle, i.e. The Iranian Treaty in front of Congress. I am grateful to Fox News for not exceeding my window of tolerance for this fool (typically less than 30 seconds), and I do not recall exactly one word he spoke, but I do know that the effect on me was one of indecision.

It is not that I was unable to decide whether or not to believe this moron, I was uncertain if the rising emotion in me was going to come forth as laughter, tears, or possibly just throwing up on my keyboard.

The “jist” of the last thing that our Moronic Secretary Of State (without the skirt) had to say was that the Ayatollahs in Tehran are not going to do anything that would endanger themselves.

Knock Knock!

There may (or may not) be a dim-lit bulb in there someplace, but is anybody home? Has this sick excuse for a Secretary of State (without the skirt) not heard of “suicide bombers”?

Americans are so ignorant of this part of the world that it is painful; and with a Secretary of State (without the skirt) who is equally or more ignorant than the American population in general, it could be fatal—for Israel and for America.

The moment our Secretary of State (without the skirt) made his statement, I had an immediate flashback of that old classic 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie: “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” If you have never seen the movie, I am sure it is available out there someplace.

In the final scene of the movie, Major “King” Kong, played by Slim Pickens climbs aboard a nuclear bomb as it is being dropped from a bomber and rides it like rodeo star on a bucking bronco all the way to the target…BOOM! MUSHROOM CLOUD.

Now just think for a minute.

A street kid can strap on an explosive-loaded vest and walk into a crowd of innocent women and children and detonate that vest, instantly killing himself and any number of those innocent women and children and maiming untold others – for which he receives an instantaneous appearance in heaven, along with his seventy virgins (poor sap).

So what do you suppose would be the reward for the Ayatollah who opted to assume the Slim Pickens role to ride that nuclear warhead into the heart of Tel Aviv to detonate the Mother of all suicide vests and ultimately destroy Israel, the great nemesis of Islam.

I know these fanatics up close and personal. In their minds, such a great act would not render seventy virgins, but it would be worthy of seven hundred virgins (a different definition of Hell?) and the seat at the right hand of Allah himself, supplanting Mohammed as the greatest Muslim ever.

And when I said “…ride that nuclear warhead into the heart of Tel Aviv,” I literally meant “ride.”

I am only moderately surprised that I have not yet heard our Secretary of State (without the skirt) make the argument that Iran does not have a “delivery system.”


The Iranian nuclear weapons delivery system is code named… (wait for it…):FedEx, UPS, DHL, Parcel Force, Escalade, Tundra, Siverado, F350, camel?; take your pick.

And just in case you are slow in the thoughts department, what is good for Tel Aviv is good for New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and any other major United States City.

This is America’s greatest nightmare. This is Israel’s greatest nightmare. And in the final analysis, this is the dream of Barack Obama and the leftists committed to ending this once great nation and our once greatest ally in that land of eternal turmoil: the Middle East.

Jews and Christians, Democrats and Republicans, patriots of every shade, and all those in between must unite to defeat this so called “treaty” with Iran. This is not about partisan politics or even about religious preferences. This is about the survival of two of the greatest nations that God ever gifted to mankind and possibly the survival of mankind himself.

We can all go back to hating each other after this danger and Iran under the Ayatollahs is removed once and for all time.

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