Do We actually Believe that God’s Law is Binding? Or do We not?

Is God’s Word truth? Or is it not?  This is what’s known in deep theological terms as “an important question.”

This important question has been highlighted by Kim Davis’ arrest and incarceration in Grayson, Kentucky.

So what is our answer?

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Our real answer, I mean?

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All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (emphasis added)

Is God’s Word the perfect and sufficient standard by which we are to understand and pursue every good work in every area of life and in every realm of His creation (which obviously includes the realms of law and civil government)…or is it not?

. . . test everything; hold fast what is good.

~1 Thessalonians 5:21 (emphasis added)

Is only some of God’s Word true?

Is only some of it to be understood and defended as truth based on the culture, circumstances, feelings, traditions, or desires of men, women, boys, and girls in any given moment of time?

Is what God says about marriage somehow inviolably binding, but what He says about law, education, and civil government is…umunbinding and therefore optional? (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

If so, why?

If not, why not?

If God’s Word isn’t the unbreakable standard for law, children’s education, economics, and scores of other vital subjects it clearly addresses, then why is it the unbreakable standard when it comes to marriage?

Is the Bible really just our plaything to use and part out as we see fit at the end of day? Are Scripture passages like Legos or Tinker Toys that we can choose from and use to assemble what we want at any given moment, while ignoring the pieces that don’t make us feel good or fit within our self-serving, self-defined program?

Is God’s Word really the ultimate authority on all that it addresses, or is it not? (See: Art, math, beauty, logic, law and economics…it’s all about Him.)

Put another way: Is God really God?

Or are we really God…in practice?

This is the question brought front and center by the unfolding Kim Davis situation in Grayson, Kentucky, where Mrs. Davis now sits in a jail cell for actually believing (and acting accordingly) that God’s Word is the binding reality in every realm of His creation, including the realms of law and civil government. (See:Woman jailed for obeying God in America…while Gay America chants “love wins!”)

This is one of the ways in which we are all being blessed by God through Mrs. Davis’ persecution.

We are being exposed.

We’re being called out.

Our bluff has been called.

Our glaring inconsistencies are now under the spotlight for all to see.

Our religious posing and posturing has been revealed. (See: The Difference Between Thumping the Bible and Believing It.)

“We the People” are openly at war with God…while most of us waging this war claim to be Christians.

For generations now we have made it increasingly plain that we will not have Christ to rule over us and, as a result, it has all finally come to this: The Big Gay Wave – with full “legal” protection – is rolling over and through the culture like a super-plague, the “legally protected” open mass murder and dismemberment of baby boys and girls sacrificed on the altars of convenience and profit goes on (as it has for decades now), and those who would dare to stand upon the Word of God as the actual binding Law above any man-made laws are now to be thrown in jail. (See: 5 Reasons Why American “Christians” Cheer the Persecution of American Christians.)

Welcome to America!

Welcome to “law and order”, We the People edition.One great point of opportunity of note in all of this is that the answer we’ve given to the “Is God’s Word truth?” question up until now need not be the answer that we give from this point forward.

We can, by God’s grace, repent of having openly mocked His Nature by proudly abandoning His Word. (See: Will America repent or will America be destroyed?)

We can then – and only then, for His glory and to our great benefit, lovingly submit to His lordship in practice in every realm of His creation and area of life addressed in His perfect, sufficient Word. (See also: Do we love America enough to call her to repentance? Or are we too proud for that?)

We can then – and only then – finally begin to meaningfully resist and defeat the many enemies of Christ that are now dominating the field of battle and pillaging the culture in which we live.

We can then – and only then – find and experience true law, justice, liberty and freedom…if only we will repent and believe; if only we will seek and embrace the rule of Christ as King over us in practice. (See:What does Jesus bring to politics, education, law, and economics?)

Thank God for Kim Davis.  Thank God for Kim Davis’ persecution.

May we learn what we need to learn from it so that it might never happen again in “the land of the free” and the self-described “brave.”


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