Single Payer System: Was the Disastrous Obamacare Rollout Designed to Push Us Towards That?

As much as I hold Barack Obama in contempt, I can’t for a single minute believe he is so incompetent that he wouldn’t have known that the debut of the Obamacare website wasn’t ready for prime time. This president may be many things, but he’s NOT a dumb-dumb. Not that long ago, Harry Reid tipped us off that Obamacare was only a stepping stone, or a “bridge to a single payer system.” Obama is famous for not showing his true hand, while all along giving us those rousing speeches, telling us how much he cares for the middle class. Like I have always said – don’t believe a word he says, but watch what he does.


In an article by John Hayward of, he wrote:

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“No real surprises here.  ObamaCare was designed to fail; even as the gullible saps in the Democrat electorate were told fairy tales about deficit reduction and “bending the cost curve down,” the socialist power brokers of the Left were promising more radical audiences that the whole thing was just a gateway drug to overcome American resistance to the hell of single-payer socialized medicine.”

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Now we see with our own eyes that yes, it was a rigged card game all along. Employers aren’t hiring full-time workers because it is far easier to let the government deal with providing them with healthcare and insurance companies are dropping people left and right, soon the public will be begging for the government to step in. I have traveled quite a bit and have seen many countries that have socialized medicine. In Canada if you need a lifesaving procedure, you go on a waiting list, because there are too many people waiting for the same thing. However, to offset the fact that you may not live to receive treatment, they have a lottery system. If you’re lucky enough to have your number drawn, you might just live. In Spokane Washington, there is a large medical community because of all the Canadians who make the trek south to have medical treatments. The Canadians go there and pay out of pocket because they cannot wait for the government to get around to treating them.

obamacare-nazi-emblemsThat is a perfect example as to why socialized medicine does not work. What is really scary is that the IRS will play a major role in Obamacare. Imagine if you will, some “bean counter” at the IRS in charge of your health care, someone who has no medical knowledge, and they will determine if you can be treated or not. No wonder not one single member of either house read the Affordable Care Aat before voting on it….plausible deniability. But someone knew exactly what the ACA was designed to do; crash the entire system so it can be re-built into a single payer system or Socialized Medicine.

If we do that, then you will see the tax rates skyrocket. Do you think 10%, 20% or 39% income tax bracket is too high? Try a 50% tax rate per person (excuse me, I meant for a working person) just to pay for the luxury of having the government be in charge of your healthcare! That would also mean across-the-board tax hikes on everyday items.

When I was spending time in Vancouver, British Columbia, I went into a grocery store and bought some food items. It was nothing too extravagant mind you, just normal food stuff. Imagine my surprise that when the checkout person hit the total button there was an 18% tax on top of my total purchase. That was back in 1993, and I’m sure that tax rate has increased now.

That is what you can expect for this nation. Oh, didn’t President Obama discuss all that with you when he was peddling “Hope & Change”? He must have left that part out.

Take over the health care system, legislate crushing environmental regulations and the “fundamental transformation” is almost complete. Then all that’s needed to do is regulate your firearms away from you and BINGO -The United Socialist States of America is born.

It’s all right there in front of you folks.

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