Dialectical Materialism: Change through Opposing Views in Media

Most people understand the mainstream media has an “extreme” left wing bias, to say the least. The exposure of Brian Williams’ “Iraq war” lie should be enough to discredit any left wing news organization, as it seems everything they report is in fact, a severe misrepresentation of truth. Michael Savage, on his nightly radio program, was commenting on how this situation is likely to earn Williams more fame in the coming months, as the media will present him as a “lovable character” who can’t control himself. Given the nature of the left wing media, this would not be surprising. Whether this comes to pass or not is anybody’s guess. What people need to realize is that the nature of all media is manipulative, and serves an agenda of “social change.”  President Obama commented on a need to have a media that presents a common world view and common facts; however, the intent of having a right wing vs. a left wing media (Fox vs MSNBC) is to create the “necessary conflict” to bring about this common world view. This is called Dialectical Materialism, and it is the basis of Karl Marx’s theory of communism.

Dialectical Materialism is the belief that all positive change is the result of conflict. Based on Fredrich Hegel’s dialectic, (Hegelian Dialectic) it puts opposing viewpoints in direct conflict in order to control the outcome, with the goal of moving the narrative towards a socialistic worldview. So, while President Obama is claiming that Fox news is causing problems by preventing us from having a “common set of facts” to work with, the truth is that Fox news is serving its purpose and creating opposing views. Seeing, though, as Fox news has more reporters that lean to the left than any “left wing” organization has that lean to the right, it could be argued that Fox news in general is designed to change the attitudes of right wing viewers. Does anyone have another explanation for why they appear to have taken a hard left turn? Let’s not forget that Rupert Murdoch donated more to Obama than he did to Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. Also, while Fox News hosts, such as Sean Hannity, seem to be courageous enough to tell the truth about Islam and Sharia Law, it should be duly noted that one of the largest shareholders of News Corp. is a Saudi Prince who is a die harder supporter of Sharia. (Michael Savage recently claimed that this individual has sold his shares.) These points alone, in the minds of independent thinkers, should be enough to prove the Dialectical Materialismtheory.

Just as is the case with other college programs such as social work and Psychology, the goal of journalism programs in American Universities is to create “change agents.” Rather than serving as institutions where students learn to seek truth and enlighten themselves, Universities have become indoctrination centers where students are inundated with the false belief that they need to be advocates for social justice. They are taught that the United States is an evil place, and that they need to dedicate themselves to social causes in order to create a “better world.” Consider the Journalism Program at Berkeley University. The class itself is called Journalism for Social Change, and teaches students that their goal as journalists is to work to make meaningful contributions to policy changes. Whatever happened to simply reporting the news? Consider the course description for a moment.

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In a vibrant democracy, journalism and media have the power and responsibility to both inform and inspire the public to political action. Achieving this requires a deep understanding of current social problems and how policy is formulated, alongside the ability to tell that story in a manner that drives an otherwise apathetic public into action.

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The goal of this online course is two-fold: 1) to teach students of journalism, public policy and social work how to use journalism and media as an implement of social change; and 2) have those students become effective change agents themselves. This class is not theoretical – students should be prepared to dig in deep and make meaningful contributions to policy change on both the state and federal level.

Looking at the underlined portions of this class description, it is clear that students are being indoctrinated to be more than news reporters. It could be argued that they are being trained as actors, trained to effectively manipulate the emotions of viewers so they can be “rallied to the cause.”  It’s almost like a practical application of community organizing-teaching people that they are oppressed in order to bring them to your side. Just as college and high school text books are filled with lies to taint the world view of students, the media misrepresents America and then offers a socialistic worldview as a viable solution.  The media itself is serving as a tool of “social change,” and the more we allow ourselves to be trapped in the false paradigm of “left vs. right wing” thinking, the easier we will be to manipulate.


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