Determined to Corrupt Our Young

[The following was written by Jim Bowman.  It has been reprinted with permission.]

Today’s America pace suggests anything could be acceptable.  The massiveness of progress tends to swamp the individual mind and distance traditional values.  Its acceptance suggests an intentional effort to transform America’s individualism into the passiveness of team following.  And the most efficient transformation vehicle has always been the halls of academia.

Whether it be the permissive surrendering verses the strictness of former parenting or this new age educational philosophy, demeaning any American success, today’s America is beseeched by the arrogance of papered knowledge while preaching new formulas for the future.  Our once proud “can do” attitude, characterized by our willingness for hard work and toil, is trivialized, or at best, tolerated with a grudging glance.

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But this altering of American hearts and minds was abruptly detoured when Trump accomplished a political impossibility.  Yet oblivious to that political reversal are the so sure educators who continue to spew their cockeyed educational version of America’s guilty voyage.  However, this new approach is hampered by one pesky fact; the successful formula which our Founders created and bequeathed negates their current gibberish when aired.

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For this very reason, the truth of our foundational tenets must be suppressed.  So, is it any wonder that school curriculums are devoid of such studies?  Instead, recent generations are led down this globalist path towards world citizenship while being hyped with the scares of climate, the injustices of racism and gender suppression.  Disturbing is the fact that hardly a murmur of discontent can be heard from free Americans.  This may remind many of the truism that corruption unimpeded will only produce more of the same.  So it seems when these globalist theories flourish without an accounting.

An educated populace is the key and always has been!  Our nation’s educational beginnings were crucial to our newly found independence; they took root and flourished in the most intimate of settings; that being family and the community.  This produced a young country’s ability to go forth and compete.  Astonishing by today’s standards, educating from within the family or local community produced leaders such as Washington, Madison and Franklin.  This compared to the huge behemoth that is the Federal Department of Education.  Meager means used with caring verses billions requiring more billions!  Gee, shouldn’t this scream for some attention?

Having previously espoused upon America’s educational dilemma in prior pieces, new subject matter being proposed in some quarters resides not in the educational arena but in the bin of the disgusting and depraved!

Public concern of education’s continued regression should have ignited in 1955 when Rudolph Flesch’s Why Johnny Can’t Read became a best seller nation wide.  On the heels of that book, a conclusion from President Reagan’s 1983 Commission on Excellence in Education also should have aroused the public into a loud verbal response .  Consider it’s warning; “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.”  Sadly, this report failed to alter our educational slide.

Fast forward to our current new educational depths.  Current in the State of California’s most recent “health education” plot comes a proposed book entitled, S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Yours Teens and Twenties.  This text is defenseless!  It not only corrupts but also illustrates what the unchained mind is capable of and swayed towards when the moral high ground of school Prayer is excluded.

Briefly, this text rummages through every possible sexual perversion available.  Suffice to say that guidelines included “how to’s” pertaining to such deviations as “fisting,” “bondage,” “masochism” and the macabre “blood play.”  Just how in the world can anyone write such vile material for students and expect an education board’s acceptance?  Even by California standards, this should be way beyond distributing.  In comparison, this overwhelmingly dwarfs Reagan’s Education Commission’s “an act of war.”

In addition, the absence of accountability regarding public schooling and its education product is an unmistakable nod to this widened and more permissive curriculum.   Absent also is yesteryear’s normal student progress feed back from teacher to parent.  Today, broad reporting usually comes from local union leaders who place their rank and file, at least, on equal par with student learning.  Also contributing to this neglect are the affects from broken homes and duel income families which happily view the school years as convenient day care centers.

Contributing to this wide open and irresponsible educational vista are two major players; we the parents and we the tax paying public.  Neither the parents, who love and have a vested interest, or our citizens, who still shoulder education’s financial ticket, are demanding the best educational product for their children nor for a proper return on taxes paid.

In closing, while education has become a fearful and degrading weapon, it is now indicative of a society which, when judged by its complacency verses outrage, has accepted and will continue to finance such debauchery.  To expect “excellence in education” without a watchful and demanding citizenry defines a national ignorance of which America has paid handsomely to produce.

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