Well Texas, welcome to the "southern section of old white men" area of the country. That's the sentiments of Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington DC's nonvoting member in the House of Representatives. According to Norton, the days of the Republican party of "white" old men is numbered once Texas goes "full-blown" Hispanic.

According to a video posted on CNS News, Norton said, "You got to watch out because Texas is – when Texas goes full-blown...the Republicans better have it good now because they are not long for this world." Norton made this statement on June 28 comments on PBS discussing the legislative fight over abortion in the state.

The moderator asked her to clarify by asking, "Meaning what?"

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"Meaning that the growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men, and they know it," Norton said.

Rep. Norton and Maxine Waters must be big friends on Capitol Hill. Poor Rep. Norton. It has to be difficult sitting in the House of Representatives and not being able to vote against the white men she so obviously despises.

Could you imagine if a Caucasian representative had said that? It would have been plastered all over the enemedia with leftists calling for removal from office. Half the country would have been out in force marching on Washington.

Oh well, even the Wizard of Oz gave the Scarecrow a break and presented him with a degree so he could exercise his brain function. Unfortunately, in Norton's case, the solution is not that simple. Even with a degree from the all-powerful wizard, thinking of that nature indicates a brain that is too small to have much function. What she didn't realize is Obama is not the wizard.

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