Democrat Congressman Joe Garcia Claims He Has “Special Immigratory Rights”

In reading the news from several sources this morning, I couldn’t help but shake my head at a statement made by Rep. Joe Garcia from Florida. Garcia, if anyone didn’t know, is a member of the “Congressional Hispanic Caucus,” a group of elected officials from Hispanic origin. Garcia describes himself as a “Cuban American” who realizes he has “special immigratory rights.”

Garcia, in response to a question regarding Republican House leadership trying to soothe more conservative members and Sen. Ted Cruz on the current “migration crisis,” said, “As a Cuban American who realizes that I have special immigratory rights, I am appalled that Senator Cruz who not only received it from this country, but his native Canada – those special migratory rights – leads the charge to strip away people’s rights. It is absolutely unconscionable.”

Senator Cruz received plenty of criticism from this writer for joining Glenn Beck in providing teddy bears and soccer balls to illegal alien invaders who were “children.” As many know, these unaccompanied minor children are in the minority and not the majority as mainstream media, many in Congress, Obama, and Beck would have the public believe. In fact, Glenn Beck’s own self-promotional photos show more adults and teenagers being assisted than children whose age would warrant teddy bears. But, I digress.

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The issue is a duly elected official whose familial origins are Hispanic, specifically Cuban, rising up to claim some imaginary “special immigratory right” or “special migratory right” for themselves and others of similar nationality. What makes someone from a Latin American or Central American country more deserving of entry into this country than say persecuted Christians from Iraq, Syria, Egypt or other Middle Eastern country? And, where does Rep. Garcia get the idea that Hispanics, or any others, have special rights to just walk into an area and take up residence when crossing a sovereign national border?

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Well, let’s look at the real problem here – attitude. Rep. Garcia is supposed to be an American – American, not “Cuban American.” Garcia separates himself from the pack by a special indicator. The people of his district elected him to office to represent them, all of them. Garcia, by his own attitude, does not embrace being American. He joins a “sect” of Congress that distinguishes itself by family heritage – Hispanic – then in public, identifies himself as such. His attitude is indicative of one who is merely residing in America and not one who is an American.

Garcia, in a Twitter comment, stated, “I’m looking at one of the most anti-Hispanic Congresses in our history.”

Rep. Luis Gutierrez isn’t much better when looking at his most recent tweet.

“The way you treat one of us (Latinos) today is the way you treat all of us. We will remember.”

The same goes for the Black Congressional Caucus and those referring to themselves as “African American.”

When anyone immigrates to America, from whatever country, and becomes a citizen, that person becomes an American, period, end of story. Your heritage may be another nationality but you become an American by choice. Because of your decision, your children, when born, become Americans whose heritage is the original nationality. By distinguishing yourself by heritage then as an American, it indicates that the individual has not embraced the founding principles of America, holding instead to their heritage origins, or these individuals must distinguish themselves to enact “special” privileges leading to an inequality in society.

Forget arguing about the past “racial” tensions, slavery and conflicts in America. It happened. It was corrected. Get over it. If you are a citizen of this country, you are an American – period – start acting like it.

These attitudes of perceived distinction are detrimental to America and Americans. To claim a privilege or “right” based on heritage, religion, national origin or race is … dare I say it … racist. That is exactly what Garcia is doing. He is claiming “special rights” to immigration and migration to those from Latin and Central America. This is a man in Congress who is supposed to represent Americans. It sounds to me like Garcia is more interested in representing “illegals and criminals” than the Americans who elected him.

Because of the attitude of this “Congressional Hispanic Caucus” and liberal progressives, illegal aliens protest, march and demand action from the government on policy and law they have no legal authority to request. These are lawbreakers who openly gather and protest while being afforded impunity from the law. They should be arrested and deported on the spot.

Rusty Humphries, in his recent article, reminds everyone that Americans are the most generous of people, helping out all over the world when asked and even when not. Yet, Americans are ostracized, criticized and called names when wanting to protect the borders of their sovereign nation, which all other countries in the world are guilty. Americans are further demonized by wanting to limit immigrants to those who abide by our immigration laws when other countries expects immigrants to follow their own immigration laws. Why are some Americans so against protecting their own nation?

Because of American generosity, many of the world’s nations enjoy food, medicine, education, shelter for its people, and military protection. As Humphries points out, “if we overload the system and overtax our people, continuing down this path to the Third World, who’s going to pick up the slack and help? China? Russia? Saudi Arabia?”

There will be no one to help these other countries. If China, Russia and Saudi Arabia were interested in doing so, they would have done so already. They aren’t interested because they don’t care. The reason Americans care is because of our diversity in coming from many nations in the world, but melding into one nationality, American, whose legacy is freedom, liberty, compassion, and caring for those in other nations.

Unfortunately, Americans are being bullied by illegal alien invaders and their supporters to surrender the sovereignty of the nation to criminals, to be enslaved to those who are not yet citizens, and cave to those who distinguish themselves by “special indicators.” Doesn’t sound like there is much room for freedom in America for Americans. It seems freedom is only for those who are not Americans, are “special” Americans, and those who “realize they have special immigratory rights.”

Being an American means embracing God-given inalienable rights, freedom, liberty and the founding principles of America – a willingness to fight to preserve those rights. Immigrating to America means coming to partake of those principles, to become an American and assimilate; it does not mean to enter illegally with the intent of remaking America to your liking or having your “demands” met based on your origins. While many may scoff at the immigration laws of America, it is these laws that protect America from insurrection from within by those who do not embrace being an American.

Garcia, Guitterez and their “self-distinguished” ilk are the epitome of those who do not respect America or what it means to be American as they do not embrace the spirit of America or embrace being an American. They cling to their “special” status and reject the nation of America and Americans. They have always been this way. Americans are just now seeing the blatantness because of the illegal invasion of “their” people along our southern border.

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