Demand School Boards Remove Books that Rewrite the Bill of Rights & the Constitution – You Can Do It

America, much has been written the past few days about the rewriting of our constitution in a text book called “American History: Preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination.” This type of indoctrination is very reminiscent of many of the things I have previously written about concerning my own educational experience. Five years of college education and I essentially learned that white people are privileged and racist; blacks can’t compete in a capitalist society because it only benefits white people and that Saul Alinsky and Jane Adams are to be revered more than the founding fathers of this once great nation. I have learned more about how to be a good little social activist for the democrat party than anything remotely related to facts. For five years, I have heard reference after reference about leftist’s professor’s beliefs that the second amendment doesn’t guarantee a citizen’s individual right, and now, they have become so emboldened by the perpetual silence from any organized opposition that they are getting away with rewriting the constitution.

It seems that this may be the issue that pops the eyes open of the apathetic uninformed as many parents have been contacting the schools using this vile Marxist piece of excrement. Unfortunately, that will not be enough. You see I have put a great deal on the line as a college student. Knowing that I was witnessing the demise of liberty while these communists felt free to lie about America, attempting to make students feel guilty through educational techniques such as values clarification, I challenged them through and through and it cost me my master’s degree. I have put a tremendous amount of effort into contacting congressmen and senators as well as bringing up these important issues to everyday folks like you. I am telling you right now America; if you don’t rise and take back your country it will be lost forever because no one cares.

Today I contacted Congressman Jeff Duncan’s office to ask if they were aware of the South Carolina High School using this text book. They were teaching children that it is constitutional for police to confiscate legally owned firearms based on the “rewritten” interpretation of the second amendment. The response I got from the woman who answered the phone was nothing short of apathetic and insulting. She had the audacity to tell me that she was unsure of the congressman’s position on the issue, and she sounded very unconcerned that nothing was being done about it. Next, I contacted my own congressional representative, Jim Bridenstein and asked if they were doing anything about it. The response I received was even more disheartening. In July of this year, HR 5 was passed by congress. This is known as the Student Success Act. This bill removes all congressional authority over education and supposedly puts it into the hands of parents and local educators. Essentially, they have washed their hands of having any authority over a situation like the one we are currently dealing with. While the bill may have the intent of giving parents and local school boards more say over their curriculums, the sad truth is that these local school boards are almost always left wing democrats who believe in teaching “the collective,” as opposed to the truth about our nation. This is another blatant example of our congress selling us out. I believe this actual bill has not passed the senate yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that your elected representatives that make six figure salaries off of your income are powerless over education. This rewriting of our constitution will continue unabated unless we collectively stop it in its tracks.

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As I stated earlier, I also spend a great deal of time posing questions to people I run into. Yesterday I asked a number of different people what their reaction would be if they found out their constitution had been rewritten by a couple of communist textbook authors. Are you ready for this? While there were a few who found it within themselves to muster some anger over the issue, there were those who had the senseless state of mind to actually say they didn’t care because it didn’t affect them. Now you know why we are witnessing the final nails being driven into America’s coffin folks. It’s because people don’t care; it doesn’t affect them.

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I wrote in an earlier article how the principles of conservatism, if applied correctly, would serve the “collective” far better than the lies of liberalism. In order for that to happen, we need principled conservatives that are ready and willing to put their love of country ahead of everything else. With people like Paul Ryan and John Boehner in prominent positions of the Republican Party, there is virtually no hope as popularity is far more important to them than principle. Look, the simple fact of the matter is we have an administration that is vagrantly ignoring the rule of constitutional law in this country, and nobody is opposing it out of fear of being attacked by a vicious left wing media that owes the democrat party for the billions they received in stimulus spending. You cannot beat those who have no rules by playing their game. The republican’s failure to stand on principle, in my opinion, is now the reason we are in the crisis we currently face. We elected them on promises to stand on principle, and they have failed us out of a desire to win a popularity contest. We can no longer look to them to solve these issues, and we must now find the principles that will unite the real patriots of this country and stand together. Failure to do so will render this nation nothing but a memory of a once free people.

I just got off the phone at 10:14 am with the director of curriculum development of our local public schools. She will be researching “American History: Preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination.” She also suggested a three way conversation between her, the social studies curriculum director and myself. America, call your local school boards and demand they review this textbook, you are the only ones that will.

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