So vice president Joe Biden didn't take his party crashing trip to Tampa this week thankfully, but the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz did. DWS ended up on radio row at the Tampa Convention Center at the Republican National Convention. She also insisted that any conservative media be ushered away.

What's even more interesting is Schultz is following the path of Obama and Romney and said that she would only answer questions of National Public Radio after they had provided her with a list of those questions. Talk about not feeling confident in yourself as to what you believe! This is really getting ridiculous in the political realm. Those that lead should be able to speak and answer questions honestly without being coached and acting on que.

As a person in her position she should be able to deal with the press. However DWS told aides, “I can’t exactly tackle 30 or 40 reporters. This is a media gaggle.”

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It’s not that Wasserman Schultz received treatment any different from any other celebrity on radio row. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was thronged by reporters and admirers when she arrived on the scene this morning; so was former Senator Rick Santorum; so was Herman Cain. And it’s not just conservatives. Roland Martin of CNN received heavy attention on radio row; Juan Williams of Fox News and Thomas Friedman of The New York Times got heavy attention in the Google lounge downstairs.

But Wasserman Schultz apparently merited special treatment. When I asked her a question about President Obama’s record on Israel, she quickly looked at me – and then looked away. When I asked her handlers why she had come to the Republican National Convention if she wasn’t even going to speak with any conservative media at all, they pushed me aside – as they did with dozens of other reporters. They spoke with just a few media outlets, all of them hard-left.

This is what our politics are coming to. Those that we demand answers of don't want to answer the questions we want answered. They want to answer the questions they want to answer and nothing more. One has to seriously wonder why the Democrat Chair would show up at the RNC in the first place and act the way she did. She had to have known this would happen. I suppose it's so she can now claim she is a victim of the media.

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