The Dehumanizing Morality of the Communist Left

If anything describes the true intent of the left and their desire to eliminate those who oppose their ideals, then it is the recent announcement of New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo proudly proclaimed that those who are pro-life and pro-Second Amendment are not welcome in his state. He also made it clear that Roman Catholics are not welcome as well. Actually, he flat out said that “extreme conservatives” have no place in the state of New York, and they should leave.

Perhaps this isn’t a bad idea. Maybe patriotic Americans who are still lucky enough to be living in states that have conservative leadership should begin petitioning their governments to force liberals to leave. People who are dumb enough to support abortion, but oppose the right to self-defense, for example, may find that they are much more at home in the state of New York than say, Oklahoma. Maybe we can trade because I can assure you; these types of imbeciles aren’t wanted here. The difference between a conservative and a liberal is that we actually believe these people have a right to their opinion, so we would never force them to leave. Given the fact that homosexuality has allegedly become far more accepted, it’s safe to say that conservatives are far more likely to compromise than liberals, as evidenced by this announcement by Cuomo. Also, we are dumb enough to believe that liberals share the same sentiment, and because we are people that can be reasoned with, we expect the same from them. There is no reasoning with people who hate you.

Cuomo’s position is the epitome of the Left’s attitude and their so called “moral superiority.” The hypocrisy is astonishing as they move closer and closer to becoming the new fascists. The left would have you believe that their acceptance of homosexuality and opposition to gun rights is the moral high ground, and because Christians believe in marriage, as defined by the Bible, and gun ownership, we are the oppressors. The fact that there isn’t a single conservative anywhere moving to force homosexuals out of their community means absolutely nothing, nor does the fact that we believe “gay” people have the same constitutional right to gun ownership as you and I do. In fact, homosexual people have every right, under the U.S. constitution, to petition their government for a redress of grievances, and in many instances they have had success doing so. Now, the rights to have an oppositional opinion are being outright denied by this Fascist who occupies the governor’s office.

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This moral relativism allows those seeking to silence their opposition to become fascists by claiming that they are fighting oppression by doing so. Its o.k. in the minds of liberals to discriminate against white males, Christians, pro-lifers and gun owners because it’s our fault the world suffers. The best analogy in which to describe this is the Showtime drama, Dexter. Dexter describes the minds of liberals perfectly. Dexter is a deranged serial killer who had been taught a “secret code” which enabled him to focus his efforts on killing only serial killers, so all of his murders were justified. These people were bad, and this moral code is the justification which will be used to eliminate them. Talk about psychological conditioning.

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Essentially, this is what is happening in New York. Entire groups of people are being “de-humanized” under the guise of being morally inferior to the “new morality” of liberalism.

This is not a new phenomenon. Any society that has engaged in mass genocidal campaigns first had to dehumanize their populations in order to do so. It had to become “morally acceptable” to kill millions of people, and by portraying those going against the agenda as uncompassionate, or less than human, the stage was set to convince the masses to turn their hatred and fabricated aggression toward them. It was believed that by eliminating those deemed to be “detestable” by the state; a more perfect society would emerge as those standing in the way were removed. History tells us that the only thing that emerged from those lies was a pile of skulls and empty shoes.

Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama, promises of hope and change faded fast and were replaced with fear and confusion. Attempts to divide Americans along racial lines have done nothing but paint a portion of society as being less than human through White Privilege education. Whites are oppressors, and blacks are victims. People who have never committed a crime in their life are now the focus of an aggressive, hateful campaign designed to make them look like hateful killers simply because they own a gun. Never mind that all of the recent mass shooters were liberals who hated Republicans. The lies of the communist left have reduced those that cherish life to demons while those that hate all that is different from them are portrayed as champions of civil rights. Which direction do you think this is going people?

It’s beyond obvious that Conservatives and Christians stand in the way of this communist agenda, and it is obvious that we are systematically being dehumanized. Is this move by Cuomo only the first in which we can expect to see more? If so, who is going to stand and fight for our civil liberties?

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