By now you have seen the video of Christian preachers being attacked at the 2012 Dearbornistan Arab festival. Should we sit by and let ourselves be attacked without responding as Ruben Israel’s group did or should we use deadly force in response? When people are throwing chunks of concrete at you and the police stand by and do nothing to stop the attacks, I would say that all options are “on the table.” Now a Muslim has for more information." target="_blank">called for the killing of anti-Islam Protesters via Facebook.

A recent Dearborn Patch article addressed concerns about the location of the annual Dearborn Arab Festival. For several years, the festival has been held on Warren Avenue. However, because the sidewalks adjacent to the festival remain public property during the event, criticism and protest are protected by the First Amendment. In 2012, a group of anti-Islam protesters showed up with signs condemning Muhammad (not to mention a pig’s head on pole), and some young Muslims responded violently. Mayor John O’Reilly, a notorious defender of the city’s campaign against free speech, hopes that organizers will consider moving the festival to a closed location, where the city will not be responsible for handling protesters.

Of course, the only reason protesters show up at the festival is that Dearborn leaders (with occasional help from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce) spent years violating the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. I attended the Arab Festival in 2008 and 2009, and I didn’t see any protesters. In 2009, however, the Police Department declared that Christians wouldn’t be allowed to distribute pamphlets or Bibles, even on the public sidewalks around the festival. This was the same year we were attacked by security for asking a question at a booth that invited us to ask questions. The following year, we were arrested for having a peaceful discussion with some Muslim teenagers who approached us with questions about Christianity. Two days later, police took us into custody again for attempting to distribute Bibles outside the festival.

On the Facebook account for Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook group, Aboudi Berro posted that the festival should be moved to "Warren and Greenfield on Detroit side so we can kill these busters."

Here's his post:

Another Muslim called for keeping the festival in its place, but arm the security, presumably to shoot the protestors.

Muhammid Khatib declared openly that he wanted security armed. The problem is that the protestors were not armed, didn't retaliate when abused by the crowd, and so it seems clear that Khatib wants a violent reaction to those that protest against the teachings of Islam.

One bright spot on the page came from a young Muslim who sought to defend the protestors First Amendment rights to free speech:

You may recall that old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Concrete is actually an amalgam of materials usually incorporating mortar and small stones, but enough with technical definitions...when a chunk of concrete is flying at your head, it’s a stone. Stoning is part of the sharia code and now it is openly being practiced in Dearborn, Michigan while police stand idly by and do nothing except blame those exercising their 1st Amendment rights for the violence.

Should we throw chunks of concrete back at them or use guns to shoot the concrete throwers dead on the spot? Should we use pepper spray or sonic grenades? Or shall we just try and talk to them like Theo Van Gogh did as Muslims were thrusting a knife into his chest?

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