Dear Congress: Stay Out of Syria – Clean Up America’s Backyard!

Looking at the Congress squirm and wiggle on whether to support the maniacal man in the Oval Office regarding a war on Syria, there are many things to Congress that I would love to say to them. So, here it is in an open letter with my two cents worth to those members of Congress who are voting “yes” or are undecided.

Dear Congress:

It may have escaped your notice, or maybe it didn’t, that this administration has bellowed with its battleship mouth and overloaded its rowboat ass. You name the issue and this administration is writing checks with its mouth that its butt can’t cash; but, the administration expects the American public to bend over once again to pay for it with their blood, sweat, tears, money and lives. The “open mouth insert foot” cow manure maneuver has got to stop. It would be beneficial if “the brain was put in gear before the mouth was put in motion” as it’s always better to “walk softly and carry a big stick” than it is to “be a bull in a china shop.”

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But no, Obama flapped his lips issuing a “red line” on the use of chemical weapons, so now he has to put our money and American lives where his mouth is or look foolish. I say let the fool look a fool as he has already opened his mouth to remove all doubt that he is one – in case you have any doubt, he lied about saying he issued a “red line.”

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The administration claims it was the Assad regime who used chemical weapons on its own people; however, the internet is a buzz with enough information to reasonably doubt the administration’s claims. The videos prove nothing. Reports are being circulated that the rebel forces, consisting of Islamic terrorist groups, perpetrated the chemical weapons attack – the same rebels Obama is so desperate to support.

The White House is closed to tours due to “no money to continue them,” government is under sequester due to “insufficient funds,” and the military is stretched thin being the world’s police force. How do you expect to fund a war or even man it?

Obama is hell bent and determined to initiate war with an act of aggression over nothing that involves America and nothing that has been proven against the Assad regime beyond a shadow of a doubt. Do you honestly think an overwhelming vote of “no” on military action against Syria will stop this “yes” man puppet?

He lobbies to take military action, constituting war against Syria. Let’s face it, ladies and gentlemen, if Syria were to fire a “limited strike or shot across the bow” into America’s backyard because they didn’t like the fact that the US government spies on its citizens, you’d be foaming at the mouth saying, “this was an act of war,” and launch missiles back at them so fast if I were to blink I would miss it all. Has Syria threatened the US or any US allies? Has Syria initiated a military strike against the US or any US allies? These are simple yes or no questions; the answer is no for those of you who would try to answer in essay form or use Obama-ese.

There has been nothing learned from history – Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or Somalia. And yes, I know some of you were not around for Korea or Vietnam so I am assuming you can read about those even though you fail to read any legislation before you vote on it.

Many of you should have learned about the events leading to World War II and the history of Adolf Hitler. Ask yourselves this question:

If the US strikes against Syria, how does that make the US any different than Hitler striking against Poland and other nations for so-called “violations?” Hitler staged “violations” against German citizens of Poland to justify his aggression. How do you know rebels have not staged a chemical weapons attack?

Benghazi was a clear attack against America and Americans deserving of a military response – it was an act of aggression against America indicative of an act of war or in the liar’s words, a “shot across the bow.” You rested on your laurels, with your hands only God knows where, and bought the crap spewed out of the mouth of the lying occupant of the Oval Office. Those American lives might have been saved with intervention; yet, there was inaction from the white house idiot. There continues to be inaction from you. The Benghazi attack against America and the loss of American lives were unimportant to this administration. Those lives were and are important to America. More than likely, a cover up of some illegal activity in Benghazi perpetrated by this president and his cronies was the reason for the lack of military action. There is American blood on your hands Congressmen.

As an average American, let me tell you what I see:

Americans were blasted with unconstitutional laws (Obamacare), immigration laws that award criminal behavior, reckless spending, the administration’s support of terrorist organizations, criminal behavior in regards to violation of the limitation of government set forth in the Constitution, infringement on eradicating God-given rights, government’s refusal to intervene during the Benghazi attack and the refusal to hold accountable criminals in the administration responsible for the numerous scandals that have rocked this nation. Let’s not forget a President who seeks absolute “rule” by enacting law through executive order and one who may not be eligible to hold the office.

The criminal in the Oval Office has associated and supported known terrorist groups. Following in his footsteps, some of you members of Congress have done the same – arrogantly posing for photos with known terrorists who have hostile intentions toward the US (yes, John McCain, that’s you), supporting a terrorist regime in Egypt and confirming to positions in our government known Muslims who are supportive of or are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is well known the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization intent on the destruction of the United States. CAIR, ISNA, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and any other Islamic group to include the Muslim Brotherhood, especially those fighting against Assad, are linked together and mean to destroy the United States. These groups have continually demonstrated their hostile intentions toward the US while some groups have openly stated they are at war with America. Unless you are totally oblivious to current events, it is obvious these are the enemies of the US and its people. You could even go so far and say these groups are the enemies of the world. By associating with these groups and individuals, you are aiding and abetting the enemy which is committing treason against this country and its people while selling out the rest of the free world.

I could go on, but you get the idea. If you don’t, then you are either ignorant, stupid or brain dead and are unfit to hold office.

You have failed to hold the oval office criminal accountable for any of his criminal, unconstitutional behavior. Any contemplation of initiating war against Syria based on the assumptions of John Kerry, sketchy intelligence and the Liar-in-Chief is pure hypocrisy. Which would you like to be considered – the pot or the kettle? As you may not know, that white stuff on top of chicken**** is chicken**** too.

You have bought Obama’s lies time and time again. Some of you are buying his lies now. Military action in Syria could trigger conflict with Russia and possibly Iran and China, leading to World War III. There will be more American blood on your hands if you cave once again. This time, possibly, war could come to the shores of America. Think about that.

This administration is willing to call one of its citizens a “traitor” for exposing its illegal, unconstitutional actions. Let’s be honest here, who is the traitor? Is a traitor one who exposes the government’s unconstitutional action and criminal behavior or is a traitor one who violates their oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution thereby committing insurrection against the people and aids and abets the enemy? Let me remind you that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried, convicted and executed for treason on less evidence than is available on the murderous, criminal, treasonous, Constitution-defying individual occupying the White House.

If all of this is not clear to you, here’s the short version: Stay out of Syria and clean up America’s back yard by impeaching and removing from office all criminals and traitors in the administration – this goes for the Supreme Court as well. Lifetime appointments are a myth; get over it.

While you may have bought a significant number of Americans with your “free money” give-a-ways and promise of amnesty to illegal immigrant felons, you have not bought the entire American public who financially support the government through their payment of taxes. Whether you like it or not, the government was established by the people, for the people and of the people. The American citizens are not your slaves and are deserving of more than a thumb nosing. While you may not give “an aerial intercourse at a motivating pastry” about America, its citizens or anything but your own greed and self-appointed importance, many citizens care about America.

Bottom line: Tend to America’s back yard.

The only way to restore order is to uphold the Constitution, act on and punish criminal behavior and eradicate traitors from our ranks.

God help us all if you continue forward as you have in the past.

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