Well folks, you know it's bunk when the Dark Lord of the Sith (aka James Earl Jones) claims that the Tea Party is racist. I think maybe Jones actually tried that Darth Vader helmet on once and ended up wearing it too long causing a lack of oxygen to his brain here.

In an interview with Dr. Cornel West, Jones unequivocally declares that he was brought up as a racist by his grandmother, whom he claims was racist and loved nobody.

From the Interview:

JAMES EARL JONES: I think I have figured out the Tea Party I think I I do understand racism because I was taught to be one by my grandmother. My grandmother was part [tribal affiliation] Indian part black, she hated everybody and she taught all of her children and grandchildren to be racist to hate white people and to distrust black people.

DR CORNEL WEST: Who does she love then?


WEST: Nobody at all.

JAMES EARL JONES: But that allowed me to figure it out for myself. And I think I know what racism is better than anyone who has ever been a racist.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Jones would have a tougher time getting that stuff to fly if Michelle Malkin had been in the interview.

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