Is the Daily News Desensitizing Us to How Corrupt Things Are Around Us?

Like many of my contemporaries, I regularly scan news and blog sites for material to link to, or feature, on my website.  This is something I have done for over 8 years, well before I started NorthWest Liberty News.  While following this routine keeps one up to date on the current state of things, it does have the possibility of causing the person who does the research to become de-sensitized.  I humbly submit to you that I have fallen prey to this unintended consequence.  newsToday, like most days, I was up early scanning my usual sources to glean the latest news, and something struck me.  As I looked over the headlines and scanned the stories, I became increasingly aware of how much that we, as Americans, accept as normal.  And, on a personal note, how much I have become de-sensitized to the absolute madness that is our day-to-day world.  Here are just a few stories, all of which should be met with outrage that I came across doing research just today.

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Sadly, these type of articles seem to be all too common.  And like many of you, I could fill a large hard drive with similar articles dating back 4 or 5 years.  Some of these articles have “crossed-over” to mainstream, so a certain percentage of the general population has some awareness of these stories.  Save any of this, unless you have been in a coma over the last 6 weeks you know what a fraud Obamacare was, is and will always be.  All that being said, why are we still droning along as a society while things around us go from bad to worse, to an eventual collapse?  I struggle to wrap my mind around why we have allowed criminals with $500 haircuts and $5000 suits to routinely tighten the chains of tyranny around us, and around our posterity.  Is it the vaccines, GMO, the “dumbing down” of children in the government-run school system or fluoride in the water supply?  I would guess that all of these reasons play their part, to some extent.  To me, some things that seem way too complex to comprehend can really be simplified by breaking them down to their basics.  This is not some new discovery made by me, nor will it work in every situation.  However, in general terms, I think that most of the turmoil that we find ourselves in today as a society can be broken down into categories of good vs. evil.  A Christian may put it another way by saying God vs. Satan, or the battle against sin.

Evil is seductive; it’s sexy, it’s patient and destructive.  One could argue; it has become firmly rooted in EVERY institution of our society.  When you hear the phrase, “nothing occurs in a vacuum”, have you ever really thought it out?  It means, basically, that if you remove something necessary it will be replaced by something else.  Again, I’m no scientist here.  It is my opinion that the vacuum of space left behind when we removed God from most areas of our society, sadly even from many churches, was replaced by evil, demonic forces, Satan etc… (I know that I will lose some of you now that I am “going spiritual” with this article… C’est la vie.) Let’s quickly highlight a few of what are commonly known as “institutions” in these United Sates, and let’s examine their fruit.

  • Education:  Corrupt
  • Banking:  Corrupt
  • Media:  Corrupt
  • Medicine\Big Pharma:  Corrupt
  • Religion:  Corrupt
  • Politics:  Do I need to say it?

What do all of these have in common?  I submit to you that it is Godlessness. Some have removed God more overtly, some more covertly, but the results are the same.  What most people fail to recognize is that, as mortal men and women, we have little hope against evil by ourselves.  Evil has had years to perfect its craft.  You and I do not stand a chance. 

However, the good news is that we were not designed to fight evil alone.  So, what’s the answer?  I say that the next move by EVERY person who reads this article should be to kneel and pray.  If you’re not sure how, speak to someone who does.  I’m certain that they will be glad to assist you.  We need to ask God for forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways.  This means you and me.  I see it as our only real hope.  

On a final note, I would like to speak to anyone out there who identifies as a Christian and is sitting on their hands waiting for Christ to return and “take them away” from all of this.  I’m sure that He whom you serve will be delighted with you that you sat back and let evil take over His creation.  Way to fight evil and be a “tireless worker.” If you fall under the illusion that Jesus is coming to rescue the United States, and more specifically you, from the judgment that is to come, please comment below and choose at least ONE reason that God should show the United States any favor.

  • Death of over 50 million babies by abortion
  • Militant rise of homosexuality, while the church caves into homosexual marriage
  • The murder, by drones and other means, of millions of people who live in a land awash in oil, in OUR name
  • The removal of God from school, courthouses, parks, etc… Nationwide

I will eagerly await your reply….

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