Watching the current events play out in Washington D.C. is like watching a circus on steroids.

The false left/right paradigm in politics has both sides saturated with misinformation, accusations of corruption, anger and confusion.

New revelations of deep state criminality are being released to the public at such a rapid pace it is impossible to keep up.

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The so-called FISA memo promises to reveal malfeasance at the highest levels of government which would shock Americans to their very core, changing the way they view their nation.

Could this be the ultimate goal of the elite?

Destroy America's faith in her system of government in order to pave the way for something new, something we may not fully understand?

The evidence of this is overwhelming if you understand the Hegelian Dialectic.

The Hegelian Dialectic is a way of controlling and guiding our thoughts and actions into already existing, predetermined solutions.

Another way of describing this would be to say that the extremes of both sides, the left and the right, for example, are presented as conflict while the actual goal of the elite is presented as the compromise.

The best, most recent example is the DACA debate.

DACA itself is an unconstitutional executive order signed by former President Barack Obama.

It gave temporary legal status to children of illegal immigrants who by no fault of their own, were brought across the border.

The current battle between the left and right is just a circus sideshow designed to condition the public to accept the inevitable outcome.

That outcome is the eventual legalization of the DACA people.

In fact, President Donald Trump has stated that he is for giving them eventual legal status.

This is how the Hegelian Dialectic works, while the corporate media and their government sidekicks portray the issue as a conflict with the President standing firm and the Democrats caving, a bill to give these people permanent legal citizenship is being advanced in Congress.

H.R. 4760, Securing America's Future Act of 2018 will give legal status to someone million or so immigrants while also enabling them to bring some family members across the border.

According to supporters of the bill, legal status would be granted to the so-called DACA recipients over a 10-12 year period.  However, this is roughly the time it takes to become a citizen already.

Proof of the effectiveness of the dialectical process is seen by observing the Trump supporters defend his complete reversal on the issue.

By presenting the extremes of both sides, full and complete amnesty on the left and deportation on the right, the public is likely to be subdued into accepting H.R. 4760 as an acceptable solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.

According to Chuck Baldwin, this bill will require all Americans to possess a national I.D. card. Without it, Americans would not be able to travel, open a bank account or even get a job. A national I.D. which possesses the biometric information of the individual has been a long-term goal of both the left and right for years.

In a post on Facebook, Baldwin cites the concerns of Dr. Ron Paul about the bill.

"For years now, statists in BOTH parties have been fighting to RAM their radical National ID-database scheme into law.

"In fact, this scheme was a key portion of the infamous failed “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bills BOTH parties tried to ram through during the Obama administration.

"Now, using the momentum behind Trump’s tough talk on immigration and border security, I’m afraid the statists believe the best way to finally enact their National ID scheme is by promoting their bill on Capitol Hill as a “DACA fix” while they sell it to the GOP base as a border “security” measure.

"Of course, that’s nothing more than a buzzword meant to trick Americans from all over the country into thinking that Congress is going to seal our southern border.

"But in reality, it means something far different.

"The “security” members of BOTH parties in the U.S. House want doesn’t target any U.S. border. Instead, it’s meant to create an all-out police state within them."