The Cries of “Wealth Inequality” Come from some of the Most Wealthy in Washington

In my previous article entitled “Basic Guaranteed Income, Guaranteed to Destroy America” I highlighted some of the beliefs and motivations of those that would advocate for such non sense. Focusing on the Cloward Piven strategy, I discussed the intent to destroy America’s capitalist economy through the overwhelming of the welfare system. I also discussed the intent of using wealth inequality as a main talking point in the upcoming battle for control of the congress in the 2014 elections. Democrats will try to pull the heart strings of their massively misinformed base and use the argument that it is not fair that some people make more money than others. If you have been following my writing than you know that I often refer to the tactics of social activism, or Saul Alinsky to be more specific, to describe what is occurring in our nation. Sometimes I even describe how the political right can use such tactics to their own advantage. This would be a particular situation in which this would be advised. Saul Alinsky’s fourth rule of tactics found in Rules for Radicals is as follows-

Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.

What Alinsky is saying is that he believes we are hypocrites and he can hold our own values against us and prove we don’t believe the things we say. This is one of the primary tactics of the left and I have argued in several articles that they are actually using the very idea of freedom against us in order to discredit our constitution.

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Doesn’t it seem reasonable that we would be able to do this ourselves? Doesn’t it seem that because the left does nothing but lie cheat and steal, it would be easy to discredit them? Well, you have to understand that is difficult to put someone in their place based on a position of morality when the very people you are attempting to correct have no morals. That is essentially why they can always beat us because we claim to have morals and they sit there and take advantage of every single instance in which we don’t live up to them. Folks, we have to turn this around, and we have to do it big time. It’s not that it isn’t easy to do; there are just big hurdles we have to overcome. One was described above and two, the liberal base is convinced of this principle of no morality being the new moral absolute. Let me explain this a bit further. The left is so dedicated to their cause of Utopia that sacrificing their souls and operating on the premise of “ends justifying the means” is the highest form of morality. The cause is more important to them than whether or not they are being honest, and as long as they have done their part to contribute to the creation of total equality they are content with being evil. That’s the mentality we are dealing with here folks and it explains a lot about the liberal mind set.

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I wanted to explain that to you while I describe how we can use Alinsky’s fourth rule of tactics to our advantage. Look, I know I am preaching to the choir here. My readers are likely to be as die hard conservative as I am, so for the purpose of this article I think it’s safe to say we all know the democrat party represents some of the richest people in government. Yet, these people will be the first to jump on board this wealth inequality argument, taking the position that America’s financial system discriminates against the poor and favors only the wealthy, white republicans. This can be equated to what I have, in other articles attributed to what I call “critical projection theory.” They are essentially blaming the other guy while hiding behind their own evil schemes. It’s a very effective tactic, one in which the Marxists have been able to transform our culture very successfully. There is however, a very big elephant in the room, one that is likely missed by many in the liberal base precisely because of this blame the other guy tactic. These people are getting rich off of your money. They are getting rich with the power to vote themselves raises and more “largesse” from the money the tax payers pay into the system. From the very money they promise to redistribute. They are counting on the liberal base to not understand this. The very fact that they are going to campaign on the idea of wealth inequality when they get rich from your money and don’t even do what they swore before God country they would do (uphold and defend the constitution)should be enough to ensure they won’t ever win another election. It won’t be though, because the liberal base is far to indoctrinated into the politics of change and the conservative base is far too often trapped in reactionary mode to see what is actually occurring.

America, winning this country back is going to take something equal to the mentality of the liberals that is destroying it. It is going to take social activism based on truth and love of country while at the same time redefining the narrative in a manner in which those that are lost can see the clear difference between what the socialists believe and what we that believe in freedom are fighting for.

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