Cowards Hide Behind Black Balaclavas

Even ten years later, the statistics are still changing. Every website has differing figures, differing accounts of the timeline, differing details. The government cannot seem to figure out which version of “Beslan: The Putin CYA Report” they are going to release, so they release a different one each week. The one thing that never changes: 186 children died. Some died from heat, dehydration, and exhaustion, some from abuse, some were blown up, and some were burned alive. Welcome to Beslan School Number One.

September 1, 2004, 9:20am. It is the first day of school. For Russian children, parents, and teachers, it is a day of celebration. They call it the Day of Knowledge. Children bring flowers, balloons, homemade banners, and small gifts for their teachers. Older children give flowers to the little ones who are entering school for the first time. Every nation, State, County, and City should follow the Russians in this tradition. The videos prior to the attack were amazing. They were singing, reciting cute little poems, the Principal was using a loudspeaker to welcome the parents and children. All summer long, these kids had looked forward to the first day of school. They were happy and excited! When was the last time the first day of school was celebrated? When was the last time your child wanted summer to hurry up and end so they could go back to school? All of the little girls had big white bows in their hair. The pure joy in the faces of these people was soon replaced with confusion, fear, and shock. They did not realize that they had been surrounded by the terrorists. The first gunfire was mistaken for balloons popping. Then hell was unleashed on these people, not just at the school, but the entire town. Everyone knew everyone, so everyone grieved together and consoled one another and tried to calm one another’s fears. This little town prayed to God together. They gathered outside the school for three hot, torturous days, praying, crying, and when some of the mothers and grandmothers could not hold their emotions in check any longer, wailing in despair. The sound of those wails was heart breaking. You wanted to reach back in time and kill the terrorists before they had a chance to steal the innocence from these people.

The hostages were herded into classrooms first, then into the gym. 1,215 men, women, and children crowded into an average size gym. There were no bleachers, these people were packed on top of each other, sitting on the floor. There was no air conditioning. Temperatures reached 115 degrees in the gym and the terrorists refused to open a single window. At first the hostages were allowed to get some water and go to the bathroom, but the terrorists soon lost patience with this. They enlisted the help of the male hostages to tape the improvised explosive devices (IEDS) to the walls, and dangle them from the ceiling and basketball hoops. They were all wired to ‘dead man’ switches that a terrorist was constantly standing on, there were three of them around the gym. Another large bomb was in the center of the floor wired to all of the IEDS. There was blood down the length of the center of the floor, a man tried to calm the hostages, so the terrorists shot him in the head and eventually forced a hostage to drag the body out of the gym. There were bodies in the front area, inside the school from the initial attack, they refused to allow anyone to move them. The terrorists forced 16 men, the biggest and strongest to rip up floors in certain areas of the school to make sure special forces were not hiding under the floor. The special forces had done that in a prior terrorist attack, so they were not going to make that mistake twice. When the men had done everything the terrorists asked of them, they were shot in the back and head and two male hostages threw them out of a second story window to the courtyard below. One of the male hostages jumped out of the window as he threw a body out and ran. He was shot at, but they missed. Aslan Kudzayev was released shortly after the police were sure he wasn’t a terrorist. The rest of the men still in the gym were taken to the second floor, shot, and thrown out the same window.

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The hostage takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by Chechen Separatist Warlord Shamil Basayev. Basically, they were your typical sadistic, psychopathic Islamic terrorists. They can give themselves all these great little titles and rationalize their behavior as being politically motivated. Those are nothing but lies to cover the fact that they are a group of sexually repressed, brainwashed pedophiles who are not smart enough to realize that their ‘holy book’ is nothing but hearsay and could not stand up in even the most liberal court of law. Not surprising, considering Mohammad was uneducated, illiterate, and suffered from demonic possessions. The actual number of hostage takers is not known. The government says 32, the hostages that survived said there were a lot more than 32, including two women wearing bomb belts. The women had been told they were taking over a police station, not a bunch of kids in a school. The women were not happy about the kids, so the ‘leader’ detonated their bomb belts. There were also a number of the men who were wearing underwear bombs, I saw the ‘after’ pictures—those are very effective! At least, in terms of blowing the terrorists to hell. Several of the children saw some of the hostage takers escaping in the melee after the gym was charged by the military. Some of them had the audacity to actually carry stretchers of children to the makeshift emergency area. Several of them were chased, but not caught. The government arrived at the number 32 because they had 31 bodies of terrorists and one live terrorist. President Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, is a total idiot and is partially to blame for this situation going sideways. He kept reporting the ‘official number of hostages’ was 354 total. The terrorists knew they had over 1,200. The government was ‘playing’ with them. The hostages would pay for this stupidity with their minds, bodies, and souls.

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The terrorists sent a letter out to the people of Beslan. If one of their members was injured, twenty hostages would die. If one of their members was killed, fifty hostages would die. This put an immediate stop to the men of Beslan firing on the school. Children were placed in front of the windows and this was equally effective. Just to make sure there was no mistake in their message, the terrorists bombed a police car. On the second day of the siege, the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB) followed shortly by the 58th Army and Special Operations Soldiers from the elite Alpha group, (called RUS) arrived. Once the military showed up, the police were released to keep the town as peaceful as possible and to keep armed fathers back from the school. The men of Beslan wanted retribution. Here they were working, raising their families, attending church, and these inhuman mental defects were holding their wives and babies hostage. What’s even worse is that they knew deep down that their government was going to get their families killed. Putin would never agree to the demands, and everyone knew this. One of the female hostages asked the leader, Vladimir Khodov, why they were doing this. He replied, “Russian soldiers are killing our children in Chechnya, so we are here to kill yours.”

The terrorists’ demands were impossible for Putin to agree to without looking weak to the world. “We demand that the war in Chechnya be stopped immediately and that the withdrawal of (Russian) forces (from Chechnya) be carried out.” They also wanted terrorists of Ingushetia to be released and President Putin’s resignation. The terrorists went one step further and announced that, until President of North Ossetia, Alexander Dzasokhov came to negotiate with them, the hostages were going on a water strike. After that, the FSB told Alexander Dzasokhov that he would be arrested if he came to Beslan. Whoever issued that order has the blood of 334 people on his hands. So, Dzasokhov stayed in contact with the terrorists by phone. I felt sorry for Dzasokhov, he was in an impossible position and was doing everything he could to try to get some control of the situation and save all the children. So, the President of Ingushetia, Rusan Auschev came to Beslan to negotiate with the terrorists. This man walked on a path laid out by the terrorists toward the school, entered the school, unarmed, and he truly wanted to help. He knew he could not give in to the demands, but he did sit down and got 26 hostages, mothers with little babies, released. This was a difficult situation to put any mother in, because they were leaving older children behind. One mother sent her baby with Rusan Auschev and stayed behind with her other three children. That one mother died along with her eldest daughter. Rusan Auschev was interviewed several times, plus his negotiations with the terrorists were videotaped by the terrorists. I have nothing but respect for this man. The terrorists were “confident and sober” (Rusan Auschev). Unfortunately, they did not stay that way.

The leader of the terrorist, came and sat down next to the woman who had asked him “why?” He tossed his gun from hand to hand, rocking slightly. She asked him what was happening, and he told her about a bombing raid that killed his wife and five children. He then asked her if she had loved ones there, to which she replied that she had two sons. He told her to take them and leave. She said she was too afraid.

In PART TWO, the story continues: what these people suffered through while the Russian Government played ‘politics.’ The heroics and heartbreaks for the people of Beslan, the brutality: that is Islamic Terrorism.  

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