Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Collected Your Data & Shared It While You Were Distracted

Well America, it has continued to get piled higher and deeper. There was Benghazi – but wait, Congress doesn’t have time to fully investigate to find individuals responsible and hold them accountable; so, it’s swept under the rug. Congress can’t deal with Fast and Furious effectively; it goes the way of the dust on top of the door jamb: you know it’s there but can’t see it so forget about it. Without getting so much as a breather, IRS scandal targeting conservatives appeared and a fruitless investigation with all the rhetorical pontification ensued: dang, can’t finish this cause the proverbial kitchen sink is leaking. Don’t look now, but the NSA monitoring all American citizens’ communications has been exposed; better get that canary back in the cage. All in all, the rapid fire succession of scandal has left Americans frustrated, Congress ineffective and no one held responsible or accountable for wrong-doing.

While the immigration bill, the Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and the racially charged Zimmerman case had the focus of a majority of Americans, their personal financial information was being collected in secret in a data program run by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and shared with private contractors, according to a report from The Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller reported:

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Documents obtained by Washington-based Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act illustrate the cost and scope of the program, which some business groups and some Republican lawmakers have assailed as invasive and potentially illegal.    

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Argus Information and Advisory Services, one company involved, was reported to have been paid $2.9 million last year to perform such tasks, with a total payout in 2017 to reach $15 million. Experian, another information services group, was tasked with compiling a nationally representative panel of credit information on consumers from a national database of credit files. What does this consist of? Who gets it? What do they do with it?

The panel will include the contents of 5 million consumer accounts along with their credit score, age, postal code, and date of birth; contain approximately 10 years’ worth of individual consumer information and will add new credit files from the CFPB’s expanding nationwide database. The Experian contract stated the information is being used in a “wide variety of research policy projects.” It was also revealed that contractors may be required by the CFPB to share credit card data collected from banks with one or more “unspecified” federal agencies. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, voiced concern over this data mining, citing financial waste, lessened security for the data and the potential for a contractor “running off with the data.”

The Daily Caller previously reported on the CFPB, which is a federal agency, data mining of financial information on millions of Americans with the US Chamber of Commerce declaring the activity illegal and one US Senator comparing it to the NSA surveillance program.

All I can say is if American is not boiling mad at this point, I don’t know what it’s going to take. To be honest, I sat here and did the face-palm, head-shake routine. Injustice after injustice, privacy invasion after privacy invasion, and continual thumbing of the nose toward the American people by some in government who think we are worse than the bugs they step on everyday walking around still remains inadequate for the majority of Americans to loudly vocally protest.

Legislation has been passed like it’s a baby diaper full of poop that has to be disposed of immediately or it will stink up the place. Freedom encroachment has been shoved down the throats of Americans to the point we are choking on it. Christian and Jewish religions have taken a beating, with ever more religious restrictions inching closer and closer. Values and principles are discarded, replaced with whatever seems to be the “flavor of the month.” Still, no loud protests.

I have begun to wonder if the soul-less Americans are beginning to outnumber those of us who are American souls; but, I cannot bring myself to embrace that concept or I have admitted defeat. As long as I can see that American flag billowing in the breeze, I remain steadfast believing that the true soul of America flourishes and the tipping point is yet to come. I remain committed to my beliefs, supportive of a Constitutional republic, “one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all,” and hope that a great nation that has endured and overcome past sufferings can once again reign in the encroaching tyranny and oppression. If not, the American people may face atrocities that befell a European nation that blindly embraced a trend that turned into fanaticism and insanity.

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