Conservatives Must Become the Teachers, We Must Be the Ones to “Infiltrate and Reeducate”

Like many writers, I often find myself struggling with which direction to go with an article. It isn’t uncommon to find that I get consumed with determining what it was that made a particular piece popular (or not) among readers. It is these times when I experience the biggest “artistic ruts,” if you will. Bruce Lee, founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do, which calls for the elimination of “stylistic form” in the arts, called this the consciousness of self. In fact, what he actually said was that the consciousness of self was the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of physical technique. It’s kind of like listening to Obi Wan Kenobi telling Luke Skywalker on the Millennium Falcon to let go of his conscious self and go on instinct. In other words, worrying about your performance or being concerned how others perceive you is what actually causes these “artistic ruts,” and I have found simply by letting go and allowing my own personal experience to simply flow onto paper, as if I am talking to my readers, I do my best work. I can give another Bruce Lee analogy here. Bruce believed that only by unconscious movement did an individual’s body demonstrate learned technique. He referred to this principle by saying “knowing is a movement.” This simply means that the unconscious self knows the techniques, has the knowledge, and by being free from self-consciousness the unconscious self can act.

There are so many different topics to write on today. The New American, for example, ran a piece about the increased poverty rates and the trillions wasted by the government in an effort to combat poverty. Today, we hear nothing but propaganda from the White House on the need to spend more in order to “alleviate poverty” and wealth inequality. The biggest, most obvious question that seems to elude most people is why. Why would we continue to spend trillions, if the trillions we previously spent have only caused more poverty? This seems like a simple question that a rationale, thinking human being would want to ask. After more than half a century and nearly twenty trillion dollars spent on welfare programs, the United States currently has more people drawing off the system than paying into it. There are currently more people living on welfare than working. The liberal social scientists like to use this term to excuse away their failures, “correlation doesn’t mean causation.” Well then, what does “mean causation”? Common sense dictates that by giving money away for nothing, people learn to believe they deserve it.

Perhaps, we should all write a thank you letter to Frances Fox Piven and Columbia University. Better yet, we should demand a portion of their paycheck. That would be real social justice.

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Eric Holder’s justice department just announced that schools should no longer discipline black children because it is racist. We all know that Eric Holder is a Black Liberation Theologist and a proponent of Critical Race Theory. This announcement falls right in line with the basic premise of both of these “ideologies.” Black people, because of alleged oppression, cannot be expected to take responsibility and to think they can is to deny them their experience and is racist. How well is this working out, this entitlement mentality? Well, the Daily Caller reported on a study that found nearly half the black population is arrested by the age twenty three. Of course, the left will use this study to their advantage to illustrate the racist attitudes and disproportionate incarcerations compared to white inmates. Once again, there is a big question that no one is asking, and it is related to the first question asked in the previous paragraph. If the racial preferences of affirmative action, the promised welfare, and the reinforcement of the entitlement mentality found in theories like CRT and BLT are so effective, then why is there so many black youth being incarcerated ? Why are so many blacks disproportionately impoverished? Should they not have been delivered to the Utopian paradise of the progressives by now? The left will continue to use “White Privilege” to address this but the truth is, and it doesn’t matter what color the person is, when you fail to teach responsibility you will end up with irresponsible people. The fact that Eric Holder is calling for the end of punishing children that are black in public schools only ensures that the trends in poverty and crime continue for the black population as the school systems they attend will fall inline out of fear of being labeled racist.

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If you have been reading my articles regularly, or following the work of others who cover the Saul Alinsky/community organizing angle, then you know this is being done on purpose. Barrack Obama, Eric Holder and all those on the left are intentionally keeping the fires of racial hatred alive for the purpose of organizing political power. That’s the end of story of folks.

I laid this entire train of thought out so I could share with you what I just experienced in our public school system. I write a lot of my college experience and I have written a lot about education in general, but to see what I just saw firsthand was quite disturbing. I just served as a substitute for my local school district and in teaching a high school health education class; I quickly realized that many of the students simply cannot read. Many of us know this already, or we know just by watching a teenager working a cash register stumble to give you correct change that the system is broken. Even the better behaved kids in the class who expressed a desire to learn struggled with reading words like “generalized.”

Not only can the kids not read to their grade levels, most of them possess no desire to do so. Nowhere did I see any young men or women who possess enduring leadership qualities that suggested they will overcome this system that is failing them. Nowhere did I see any indication that these young people were being trained to be tomorrow’s leaders, they are simply compliant little citizens who for all practical purposes have been reduced to nothing but button pushers in a world that has forsaken what it means to be a human being. They are the product of the 100 year plan to transform our culture set in motion by the collectivists of the earliest days of the progressive movement. They are being conditioned to be democratic voters.

After high school, many of them will go to college and because they can’t read or write they will be reduced to pursuing a degree in liberal arts, where the indoctrination into the liberal, collectivist world view will be completed. Unable to make decisions, do their own research, or think outside the leftist box they will simply regurgitate all that the professors tell them to. This, my friends, is the system that the liberal socialists control with an unbreakable death grip. This is what makes this struggle to restore liberty and prosperity a never ending one. For no matter how much progress we make, this system continues to produce adults that for all practical purposes know nothing but dependence, because they have become conditioned to be irresponsible as the system cradles them instead of teaches them. How can freedom and responsibility be restored when the people the fight is being passed onto can’t even read? This is where the battle for America must be fought folks, we need to stop worrying about our own wealth and prosperity and refocus our attention on our children, on our children’s children. Conservatives have to become the teachers and the school administrators, failure to heed these words will be our own undoing.

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