Conservative icon Bill Mitchell opens up about 2020 fears, conservative censorship, and ‘The Movement’

In this current cacophony of media hi-jinks, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

From multi-national cable news conglomerates, all the way down to the ramblings of unknown YouTube personalities, the media landscape is filled with potholes, molehills masquerading as mountains, and utter noise – if we’re being honest.

If that’s the sort of informational abuse you seek, you’re going to want to avoid Bill Mitchell at all costs.

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Mitchell, who is the captain of the ship known as YourVoice America, doesn’t dabble in half-truths or inflammatory rhetoric.  Instead, the conservative commentator has devoted his career to championing the cause of freedom and taking to task those who stand in the way of Lady Liberty.

Before our interview, Mr. Mitchell had mentioned to me “The Movement” – a vague term that I took from his inflection to be a much grander and more complex machination of the conservative ethos than those two words could convey alone.  Naturally and effortlessly, Mr. Mitchell explained what he meant.

“‘The Movement’ is the MAGA movement; the Make America Great Again movement”, Bill told me.  He intimated that the idea was getting back to “America first” – a term that President Trump had come under fire for espousing early in his political career.  The “woke” leftists took umbrage with this sentiment, of course, likening it to “nationalism”, which is an ethos that democrats and their globalist allies have deemed inappropriate.

Mr. Mitchell was quick to defend “nationalism”.

“Nationalism just means that you are proud of your country, and you want to see your country prosper”, said the longtime host, drawing a distinct line between this form of patriotism and the “white nationalist” cretins who exude all manner of bigoted, racist, and archaic behavior.

Instead, Bill believes that “nationalism” is the true nemesis of “globalism” – the progressive societal trend that mangles and distributes American excellence to those around the world who have neither the talent nor the willingness to create such prosperity for themselves.

Of course, the globalist agenda finds itself at odds with populism as well, or the idea that “the popular opinion should hold sway” over the government.  This is a no-brainer, as a representative government by its very definition is a form of populism.

What has made the left so vitriolic in their opposition to Donald Trump seems to be their belief that, after two terms under Barack Obama, globalism was here to stay.  According to Bill, this meant that the left was ready to “manage the decline of America” into the globalist scheme.  This would allow a feudalistic system to be reinstated in the US, as globalist leaders simply acquiesce to the international community as opposed to thinking of America first.

As Trump came to power, these Deep State globalists realized that their plans would be annihilated.

“That was the threat”, Bill quipped sternly.


As our conversation continued, the topic of the 2020 election was broached, and I was eager to hear Mr. Mitchell’s thoughts on the flailing flock of democrats who are currently eyeing the Oval Office.

When it comes to Joe Biden, Bill didn’t hold back.

“Biden is supposedly the moderate in the race, but Biden is a panderer.  Biden reminds me of [Hillary] Clinton; has has no political soul.  He just wants to be the most of whatever’s popular”.

When asked who among the democrats is the most worrisome candidate in terms of possibly evicting Trump from Pennsylvania Avenue in 2020, Bill responded by admitting it’s who’s not running that has him concerned.

“The person who frightens me the most is Michelle Obama.  If Biden flames out, Michelle jumps into the race as the moderate vote taker, and to much media fanfare”.

He further explained his contemplative answer.

“…even Rush Limbaugh mentioned it.  The media has gone completely radio silent on her for the last three months.  You used to see Michelle this, Michelle that, but now nothing about Michelle.  Michelle coming in as a candidate or even a VP candidate…that scares me the most.”

But Mr. Mitchell did have some hope for the election, reminding us that socialism has invaded the far left side of the democratic party.

“If they nominate a socialist, they’ll lose.  America is not a socialist country, it would be like [the reelection of] Ronald Reagan in 1984.  It’ll be a massacre.”

As for the rest of the field:

“There’s so much incompetence there.  It’s terrifying”.


As a man also working within the conservative media, (albeit with far less exposure than Bill Mitchell), I had to know if he was at all concerned about being de-platformed by the sultans of Silicon Valley for his beliefs.

“I suppose it’s possible, but I stay away from third rail issues.”

Bill went on to lament his friends in the media who have experienced this sort of digital oppression for their views on religion, sexuality, etc.

“My opinion is, do whatever you want, just make sure that your lifestyle choices don’t create victims.”

Bill’s next statement was succinct and profound.

“America should stand against making victims of people”.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Bill.


Bill Mitchell’s content is available at, YouTube, and Twitter.


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