Connecting Obvious Dots, Part 1: America’s Masonic Problem

For those of you looking for a deep dive into the dark, cobwebbed corners of conspiracy theory, this post is not for you.  We’re not going to explore the potential secret codes hidden in the embroidery on George Washington’s Mason smock or the diabolical plans of the Illuminati to base their global HQ for world domination in Disney World.

Nope, instead we’re going to briefly cover a few very short, very simple, and very important points.

So without further delay, let’s get to it… (before “they” find and delete this page, ideally)

  1. Freemasonry is an anti-Christian religion built upon a false god and a false gospel centering on a “secret path to knowledge” that pays lip-service (phony honor) to all “lesser gods” equally (Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, Baal, etc.).This amounts to a sort of Mason-managed polytheism, with lesser gods held in equal regard under the ultimate authority of the one true god atop the Masonic religious construct.
  2. Many of America’s revered Founding Fathers were Freemasons and/or Deists.I’m not going to get into which Founders fit into either or both of these camps. Suffice it to say that there were many and that their worldviews predictable played significant roles in shaping the foundation of what we call the United States of America. Enlightenment-era thought also plays a major role here, but for simplicity’s sake and in an effort to remain focused on the primary point of this post, we will reserve deeper exploration of these concepts and personalities for a future post.
  3. America is a land dedicated to a satanic (Masonic) approach to religious liberty and a Deistic (or at least Deistic-ish) view of God. This satanic approach to (or perversion of) religious liberty has so thoroughly permeated our culture that even most self-identified conservative Christians in America openly champion what they call a “God-given ‘right’” to openly worship false gods. These “Christians” call this “religious liberty”.
    Not. Even. Kidding.
    Now ask yourself this: Which god, exactly, would champion such a “right”? Certainly not the God of Christianity, who explicitly condemns such perversion of true Christian liberty. That God (the real One) despises the open worship of false gods and promises to crush any culture or civilization that embraces such perversion.
    So which god would advocate such a suicidally stupid and anti-Christian approach to religious liberty?
    Which god would dare to proclaim such a “right” in direct, open rebellion against the crystal clear Word of the one true God?
    The god of Freemasonry, that’s who.
    Or, put another way: The god of America.
  4. Practically speaking, the official religion of America is State-Supervised Polytheism. When we take an honest, hard look at the people and worldviews involved in the founding and subsequent guiding of the United States, this should come as no surprise at all. Simply reconsider point #1 above and you will have little trouble seeing the anti-Christ polytheistic parallels between the religion of Masonry and the official position of America where Jesus is concerned. Like the Masonic worldview that shaped it, America is utterly consecrated to the notion of all lesser gods being treated equally under the ultimate authority of the American State, making the American State, in practice, the one true god above all lesser gods.

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We are well served to seriously consider the easily verifiable facts at the core of each of these contentions. The longer we continue running away from the glaringly obvious dots that are begging to be connected here, the longer our descent into the Orwellian hell of satanic Statism will continue…neatly wrapped in red, white, and blue, of course.

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Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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