Congressman & Senator Make Asinine Comments About Wealth & Guns – Still Keep Jobs

Congressional Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut have come out and publicly stated the most asinine words I have ever heard from politicians. In the America I once believed I lived in these statements would have guaranteed the end of their career. However, with the help of the communist-controlled education system, today’s generation of automatons is either not paying any attention or believe that these statements reflect the direction the country needs to go. I suppose you would have to admire their honesty, and actually they believe that you and I have been so brain washed in public education that they can get away with saying what they did.

Let’s start with Representative Keith Ellison. As a member of the Progressive Congressional Caucus, (which means he’s a communist incidentally) he publicly stated that the reason America is so broke is because the government doesn’t have the power to confiscate all the wealth that is just sitting in the hands of private individuals. “If we could just confiscate the wealth” he says, “America would return to prosperity and we could have another recovery summer.” I don’t know about you but I think this would be a grand opportunity for some republicans to maybe jump in there and make this guy look like the communist fool he is. We all know they won’t because they are scared to death of appearing uncompassionate toward poor people, I mean if I was speaker of the house and republicans were acting this way I would make them come to work in yellow zoot suits. At least that way people might develop a better understanding that republicans are cowards and are afraid to appear patriotic in front of socialist dictators.

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If I was a republican in the house the first thing I would do is publicly ask Mr. Ellison to explain why confiscating everyone’s wealth would prove any more effective than wasting all the other wealth they have confiscated from us in the name of the federal tax code. I mean after all they do such a great job spending our money that our post office is thriving, everyone who ever paid a dime into social security is confident they will see their return and Medicare and Medicaid are so effective that there are no doctors that are refusing to see Medicare patients because their reimbursements are so fair. Oh, I almost forgot the democrat golden ticket, the issue of poverty. The democrats have spent our confiscated money so well that the trillion dollars spent to eradicate poverty has produced a higher poverty rate than when the war on poverty began in 1969.

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Another thing that Keith Ellison should be asked is how much of his personal wealth, that he earns on the back of taxpayers by the way, is he going to donate?

Would you look at that? These are issues that cannot be argued with because they are fact, but you are likely to be called a hateful bigoted racist who hates old people and minorities for bringing them up. Only in a liberally controlled America can the obvious destructive policies of dimwitted democrats be considered compassionate while effective policies that actually Create wealth are considered hateful. Republicans seem to have forgotten that this is what we voted them in office to do, prove the liberals wrong and get things back on track. Instead they have decided they are done with their political careers. Good riddance!

Now let’s move on to Senator Chris Murphy who just said that the right to keep and bear arms is not a God given right on the Rachael Maddow show. That’s quite a statement coming from a sitting senator who swore an oath to Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Where are the republicans on this one? Shivering in their boots and hiding from you while they take an undeserved vacation at your expense, that’s where. These people know that the BILL OF RIGHTS was written in a way that protects rights we were born with. That is in fact the definition of the word inalienable. They cannot be taken from us. The real issue here is that the republicans and democrats know that they have sold us down the river when it comes to any number of things. The economy is at a standstill, the U.N. is incrementally encroaching on us through the Agenda 21 sustainable development initiatives and the dollar is likely going to crash. They have some real motivations here to want to infringe upon your second amendment rights because when the SHTF they know deep in the bottom of their gut that they are solely responsible for the destruction of this country through their desire for power and prestige.

You simply can’t have a population believing they have a right to defend themselves from a despotic government if you are part of that despotic government.

If I was a Republican in the house I would encourage Mr. Murphy to join Mr. Ellison and take these issues on the campaign trail. In fact I would suggest that the whole democrat party just comes out and declare their intent to confiscate our wealth and take our guns. After all they are becoming more emboldened every day to take such positions because they know what a great job of psychological conditioning our public schools have done on today’s generation of so called free Americans. I would like to see them go to every state, every city and every district with signs on their vehicles proudly calling for the confiscation of everyone’s wealth and guns. They may have had the courage to mumble such nonsense on the Rachael Maddow show with MSNBC’s stellar ratings and high number of viewers, but how confident are they in their communist beliefs that they will share these beliefs with the rest of us?

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