Mark Wichern is running for public office in Florida's 1st congressional district. According to his campaign website, Mark started his small business with only "$500 in his pocket," and now it is a successful business with more than 20 employees. 

Wichern is serious about ending the Federal Reserve System and replacing it with a sound monetary system. 

Wichern told's Joshua Cook that he believes the Federal Reserve System is causing inflation, which is essentially a hidden tax on the American people. (Listen to Mark Explain the Federal Reserve System here.)

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Cook asked Wichern, "Why did you want to run for U.S. Congress?"

"I had a choice, my business was doing really well. I had the choice of sitting back and watching my business prosper and at the same time watching our entire country go under. Let's face it: it's not going in the right direction," said Wichern.

"…I understand what the problems are with this country and more importantly how to fix it. So I had a choice: sit on the sidelines and be prosperous myself, or do something and go fight for our country."

Though Wichern was inspired by Ron Paul's Republicanism and Austrian economics, he decided to run as an independent candidate. He believes that the duopoly of the Two-Party system is part of America's problem.  Wichern identifies with the Tea Party which advocates for lower taxes and limited government and recently received the endorsement of the local Libertarian Party.

According to the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party's website:

"After meeting with members of the NFLP and completing a questionnaire, it became apparent Wichern's support for individual rights, free markets and limited government largely coincides with Libertarian views of the same topics, and the NFLP wishes him luck in his quest to reach the Congress."

This was the first time in history that the NFLP endorsed a candidate other than a member of the Libertarian Party.

Mark Wichern on the Issues. (Click link to jump to each section.)

What are "free markets?"

On the IRS

Wichern on Ron Paul / END THE FED

The Problem of the Two Party System

"I'm a 2nd Amendment guy."

Listen to full interview here and check out Mark's Facebook page.


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