Congressional Black Caucus Go After Obama Because They “Don’t Know Him

Apparently, all is not well between the black congressional caucus and President Obama. While many people believe that Barack Hussein Obama receives unwavering support from the black community, the truth is; the congressional black caucus is losing patience with him over his judicial nominees over the states they represent. They are going on the offensive with the claims that Obama has failed to initiate the liberal policy directives he promised, which is what enabled him to win office twice. Believe it or not, they are accusing him of appointing judges who represent no interest of the minorities in their communities and……wait for it…appear to be racist! This is further proof of the delusional mentality that exists among Obama supporters; they believed whole heartedly that Barrack Hussein Obama, a black man, would lift the blacks from this nation out of their inferior position and empower them to rise up against their white oppressors. As we have seen, however, Obama’s socialism has done nothing but leave blacks further impoverished and unemployed. President Obama’s policies towards illegal immigrants incidentally, will leave more blacks unemployed and in poverty as their jobs, and welfare benefits are taken by these illegals if granted amnesty. The fact that he is pushing for amnesty while blacks are still suffering the highest unemployment in the nation should be what infuriates these folks.

I cited in an article entitled “On Obama’s Organizing,” the work of Stanley Kurtz in his book “Radical in Chief.” Focusing on Obama’s organizing days Kurtz pointed out that Obama had a desire to connect with the African American Community, which is why he choose community organizing as a profession. Obama’s father was, in fact, a socialist who believed socialism held the key to overcoming the struggle of the black man. He wrote an academic paper in the East African Journal entitled “Problems Facing our Socialism.” Obama, having a deep desire to emulate his father organized exclusively in African American neighborhoods not because he wanted to actually help them overcome poverty, but to organize for power in order to implement his socialism. I believe this is the reason the congressional black caucus may be finding themselves at odds with him. They don’t understand what he’s doing because they never understood who he was. He is not interested in appointing judicial nominees that will help the black man per say, he is appointing people who will aid in the “fundamental transformation of America.” The black population at large is just another means to an end.

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While the caucus is visibly upset at his choice of judicial nominees, they need look no further than the White House and the Department of Homeland Security to see who Obama really supports. His administration is stacked with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and these people are not upset about this? This is further proof that President Obama will say anything in order to gain support, but will turn his back on you to carry out his real agenda. Again, the congressional black caucus does not know the real President Obama, and they literally refuse to analyze any of the evidence available which proves his intentions for America are not good. This essentially makes them Lenin’s useful idiots.

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Obama has spent his entire presidency campaigning on divisive issues such as race and “wealth inequality.” He has simultaneously shown a tremendous amount of support to the wealthy elite he actively campaigns against by giving them tax exempt status, or allowing his buddies in the “green industry” to go bankrupt with our hard earned money. He and his wife spend billions of tax payer dollars, money that could be used to actually help people, on his lavish vacations while blaming white republicans for being greedy. At least they earn their vacation money. Finally, he continues to talk down to us as if we are stupid enough to believe increasing the welfare rolls will improve the economy. Unfortunately, some people are stupid enough to believe that but that’s beside the point. These are the things the congressional black caucus should be angry about, but their selfishness is shining through as they only care about their own interests.

Serves them right actually. The Democrat party has historically been the one to suppress the rights of blacks, and it was the Republicans who always championed civil rights. These black politicians sold their souls in favor of power and prestige. Now, the Democrat party is showing its true colors and turning their backs on them so the party itself can obtain greater power. That’s my analysis anyway. Perhaps if the congressional black caucus would stop playing the race card and actually listen to people like Allen West, Ben Carson or Herman Cain, they would see a conservative movement that simply wants them to be a part of the America that we all love and want back. As long as they are expecting special favors from Obama because they are black this will never happen because he is simply using them for power. It’s the community organizing way.

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