Congress Whines about Benghazi – Ignores Qatar – America Asks for Wrong Answers

For the US government, the Benghazi consulate attack has never been about four dead Americans and Obama Administration incompetence and lies. Our Congress can pursue its investigations into the Obama Administration and the Clinton State Department until the camels come home. Nothing will come of it.

Benghazi investigations are not about answers, they are a bi-partisan diversion designed to distract Americans from the massive sales of military hardware flowing from the United States, Russia and China to Asia, the Persian Gulf and North Africa.

If you are wondering why the US Congress has failed to determine, with any certainty, culpability for the Benghazi attack, look no further than American made weapons systems exports. With America bailing out of its global military obligations and defense budgets experiencing ongoing defunding, somebody somewhere has to support US defense contractor sales. After all, established Washington politicians—on both sides of the isle— would not know what to do without the defense industries campaign contribution benevolence, especially at election time.

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2.7% of Global Gross Domestic Product is spent on weapons systems.

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The United States Defense Aerospace industry is the largest supplier of weapons systems in the world. Millions of Americans are employed by US defense/aerospace contractors. These contractors are entrenched in US politics and foreign policy decision making. The US Defense Aerospace Industry employees 384 lobbyists (representing 45 clients) and spends $42.8 million dollars to influence the federal government annually. Moreover, every defense industry contractor has an individual political action committee (PAC) doling out unregulated cash—in the tens of millions of dollars—split between incumbent Democrats and Republicans in Washington.

Contrary to the hogwash being sold by the beltway, the number one prevailing influence in the infamous Arab Spring uprisings—all over the Middle East and Northern Africa—is drought, not dictatorial regimes. Intertwined, the economies of Libya, Syria, Egypt and lesser known North African countries are devastated by a long enduring drought. In case you did not know, shared control of aquifers and food independence is a major issue for those living in the desert. It is also a great concern for the oil rich monarchs controlling Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In broad terms, the Middle East and Northern Africa are being reshaped to accommodate the economic needs of more influential global actors like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and yes, Iran. All of these oil rich countries—who are cementing their positions in the global economy—are fighting proxy wars for control of states destabilized by Arab Spring civil wars exacerbated by historical conflicts between Sunni and Shia Islam. Control of the natural resources of these allegedly rogue nations is at stake.

As an example, I offer Qatar, home to the US Central Commands Forward Headquarters and Combined Air Operations Center, and its attacks on Libya, a one-time rogue nation, removed from the US Department of State “State Sponsors of Terrorism List” in 2004.

Qatar is responsible (with US blessings) for arming Al Qaeda terrorists and the overthrow and execution of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. These same Al Qaeda affiliates—designated as terrorist groups by the US Department of State—are also responsible for the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi and the murder of four Americans. The Obama Administration and US Congressional leaders not only knew about it, but authorized a substantial team of CIA personnel to monitor it. Click here to learn about Foreign policy roles of the President and Congress. Now they are glossing it over with 21st century dog and pony shows like Darrell Issa’s never ending Benghazi hearings.

The same situation is developing in Syria. Why?

US Executive and legislative branch sanctioned Sunni Al Qaeda terrorists, financed and armed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in violation of long standing (recently waived) US anti-terrorism laws have secured agreements to purchase tens of billions of dollars in US weaponry. That weaponry is to protect their nations— supposedly— from their Iranian Shiite enemies, who plan to purchase Russian and Chinese weapons systems to defend themselves against US sponsored Arab proxy wars.

Yet, the campaign contributions flow. Benghazi, like all things in Washington these days, is about money and power and both Republicans and Democrats have much to protect.

According to the US State Department, any country that violates section 6(j) of the Export Administration Act, section 40 of the Arms Export Control Act, and section 620A of the Foreign Assistance Act, requires designation as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” by the US Department of State. There are presently four countries on this list: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria.

Given Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s past and present funding and arming of Al Qaeda and its affiliates in Libya and Syria, how do Qatar and Saudi Arabia avoid the sanctions and terrorism designations afforded Iran? I suppose the future of this designation might hinge on who profits from sales of military hardware and technology.

Moreover, why is Washington so quick to accommodate the waiving of federal anti-terrorism statutes to arm nations who arm and support terrorists? Stand down orders and consulate security is a red herring.

As said in Mathew 24: 6-7, “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.”

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