Congress Determines If Staff Joins Obamacare Exchange or Not – Citizens Not Given Option

The pagan holiday of Halloween has come and gone leaving children with another pleasant memory of trick or treat along with buckets full of sugary delights. However, children were not the only ones who experienced trick or treat yesterday; congressional staffers also got to partake in a sort of trick or treat when it came to Obamacare designation.

Democrats and Republicans alike had to decide by 5 PM yesterday afternoon whether their staffers would go onto the Obamacare exchanges for insurance, as the law seems to indicate, or whether they would stay on their current plan, maintaining an employer subsidy to offset the cost of the healthcare plan.

According to the Daily Caller:

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Members could either designate staff as “official,” in which case they would be required to go on the exchanges, or “unofficial,” in which case they could remain on the Federal Employees Healthcare Benefits Program.

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So, exactly who got to keep their current plan and who didn’t?

A number of Republicans will place their entire staff, including committee staff and personal staff, on the exchanges. This group includes Kentucky Sen. John Brasso, South Dakota Sen. John Thune, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Florida Rep. Trey Radel, and Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.

Obamacare_t607Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy from Connecticut threw his lot in with these Republicans by declaring his entire staff as “official;” they will all be purchasing healthcare insurance through the Obamacare exchanges.

Vitter said in a statement, “For members to use this illegal loophole so that some staff stay off the exchanges altogether is outrageous. It flies in the face of the exact language of Obamacare. If these staffers aren’t ‘official’ then the taxpayer shouldn’t pay for their salaries or office support or anything else.”

Vitter’s condemnation affects Democrats and Republicans alike who have declared their staff as “unofficial” or some staffers as “unofficial” in order to keep the on their current healthcare plan.

So, who exactly in Washington has unofficial staff?

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has declared his entire staff as “unofficial” to keep them out of the exchanges on the grounds that “enrolling in the exchanges means subsidizing abortion.”

Stockman said, “Everyone in our office voted to reject enrollment. We will not use taxpayer money to bail out a program that subsidizes abortion.”

Democratic Sen. Carper of Delaware will have his DC and Delaware office staff go into the exchanges while his committee staff will remain on the Federal Employees Healthcare Benefit program. Carper chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn will follow Sen. Carper’s example and keep his committee staff on the FEHBP. Other staff members will be participating in the exchanges.

Coburn had this to say when speaking with reporters; “My staff are my staff. My staff on committee are committee. I’m not playing any games with it.”

Coburn believes the guidance is clear and added that for staff who went onto the exchanges, he “had enough money in my budget to buy them insurance – by giving them enough increase they can buy insurance wherever they want.”

All in all, Congress got to choose which of their staffers would participate and which staffers would not.

Stockman’s staff got to vote on whether or not they would receive insurance coverage through Obamacare and Coburn has enough budget to buy his staff insurance by giving them a wage increase. Well, isn’t that all special.

The American people didn’t get to vote whether or not they would like to forgo their current insurance plans in favor of the atrocious Obamacare. The American people didn’t get to choose if their employers could give them a wage increase to cover the cost of increase insurance premiums. The American people didn’t get to choose whether or not to participate because they were against subsidizing abortion or birth control. Where do members of Congress get the audacity to “pick and choose” when the American public was forced to swallow and choke on this disaster?

Vitter absolutely hit the nail on the head. If these staff members of Congressmen are unofficial, why is the American taxpayer footing the bill for them?

If these staffers were allowed to vote whether or not to go on the exchanges, why are they being offered an opportunity that was never given to the American people?

Don’t get me wrong, Steve Stockman has stood against the Democrats and I certainly understand and agree with his convictions about taxpayer subsidized abortions. However, I do not agree that his staff should be able to vote on whether or not to buy insurance through the exchange based on this. Plenty of Americans disagree with abortion and absolutely abhor the idea of taxpayer subsidized abortions, but they did not get the opportunity to choose? No, it was forced on them.

I heard someone say, “Everyone in Congress is so crooked that if they did an about face, they would corkscrew their butt two feet into the ground.” This person may not be far off on their assessment.

While some staffers are getting the “trick” and others have gained a “treat,” the American public once again continues to be played for fools while the Obama administration and Congress throws rotten eggs onto our house. The costumes are coming off. They no longer need to hide behind the ruse or disguise or lies. America is accepting their fate; the elite rule as tyrannical nobility, taking care of their own, while leaving the rest of us to glean bare fields for the few seeds they leave behind. We are no better than peasants. The members of government have all the choices while the people have none.

Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Unfortunately, there is no sugary delight large enough or sweet enough to help America swallow this latest dose of crap being shoved down its throat. It is apparent this administration has dressed up the taxpayer in a fool’s costume; are we going to keep wearing it while waiting on the next “treat” which is really a “trick?”

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