Compromising with the Homosexual Community Leads to Conformity to the World’s Values

Once you begin to compromise, it is difficult to stop. When does it end? It usually ends when the other side gets everything they want.

There are two examples that we can point to involving very similar issues in which we see compromise from the one side and non-compromise from the other. I’m referring to Fuller Theological Seminary and Biola University, both in California.

Nick Palacios “struggled to get his conservative Pentecostal parents to accept him as a homosexual evangelical Christian for nearly a decade before his family found a common ground through faith.” What does that mean?

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The key is the term “common ground.” It is one thing to love a person in spite of their sin and quite another to accept them as if their sin is completely acceptable to God.

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We all have areas of sin. We are all sinners, to the very root of our beings. We come to Jesus because we understand this truth and we do not rebel against it. God has opened our eyes and we have come to recognize that our sin keeps us from entering into a relationship with Jesus. Once we come to terms with the realization that our sin keeps us from Him, yet His love continues to draw us, we wind up humbly submitting ourselves to Him in order to receive salvation. It is that salvation that fully includes a spiritual relationship with Jesus and the beginnings of a complete character rebuild.

Of course, Jesus receives us as we are when we come to Him. However, He at no point does He ever accept our sin. He works to move us past it. The Holy Spirit begins and continues the process of recreating the image of Christ within us and for as long as we are living in this world, that process continues.

In the case of Nick Palacios, he found a way to persuade his parents that being homosexual was not a choice he had made, but was something to which he was born. There is absolutely nothing scientifically that proves this, yet this is the mantra of homosexual people everywhere and because of the risk of being called a “hater,” few disagree with this mantra. “I was born this way,” they say. Yet, it is clear from Scripture that God made one man and one woman and that was the basis of human love relationships that would create and carry the family forward. Our sin is what derailed that system.

Now, Nick has created something called “OneTable” and as an LGBT individual, wants others who are part of the LGBT arena to feel comfortable and be accepted by their peers who are not part of that community. Palacios has successfully founded “through his role as president…the nation’s first LGBT student club sanctioned by a major evangelical seminary.”

Frederic Bastiat
Frederic Bastiat
Interestingly enough, while Fuller opened its doors to this group, Biola University shut tight the door to another group there called “Biola Queer Underground.”

But what is interesting is the reaction of the homosexual community and this stems directly from the Hegelian Dialectical. For those unfamiliar with Hegel, it takes an agenda, uses a situation to create a need, then supplies a stated response to that perceived need based on the agenda. In other words, it starts with Agenda, moves to Thesis, then to Anti-thesis, then finally comes back to some type of middle ground in Synthesis.

There are those homosexuals who praise Fuller’s move for a movement toward acceptance and those who condemn it as being purely symbolic and nothing more. This tension creates more “dialogue,” which homosexuals hope will help them achieve what they want to achieve. They want to be accepted as normal and are willing to constantly push the issue until that happens.

Homosexuals know that the door is now open at Fuller, so all they need to do is continue to push their agenda. Various gay groups and activists will keep the pressure on the school to essentially continue to compromise with biblical standards until gay goals are met and biblical standards have been eroded.

In the case of Biola, there is overall condemnation that the door was so soundly shut on “Biola Queer Underground” as a sanctioned school club. This of course, has caused the expected reaction from the homosexual community. “This fall, the LGBT group plans on staging rallies to combat Biola’s longstanding policy on homosexuality – that sexual relationships are reserved for heterosexual marriage – and address what many students call a campus climate of fear and shame.”

We can see the difference in the way homosexuals and homosexual activists react and act toward both Fuller and Biola. Fuller, it is said, has started the “conversation.” Biola has resisted it. Because of this, Fuller is lauded (to a degree), while Biola is castigated.

This is what the left wants. They earnestly desire to start that conversation and the subject can be about anything, as long as it stands opposed to traditional values. Once the conversation begins, the left knows that through sheer numbers and consistency, they have a great shot at wearing down those who oppose them.

If we look at Scripture, we see there was no give and take with Jesus. Often, He said things like “You don’t understand Scripture properly” or “No, you are in error” and then He would simply explain what it said and what it meant. He did not waste time getting into the type of leftist “conversation” that they try to get us involved in because once we get involved in it, compromise can then begin and usually does.

Is homosexuality wrong? Yes, it is wrong, according to Scripture. Nick Palacios and other homosexual individuals can think what they want to think. It is as wrong as stealing.

Homosexuals want to get us into the conversation so that they can use emotional virtue (a staple of political correctness) to sway us, to cause us to compromise, but it starts with the “conversation.” Anything they gain in that compromise is a 100% win for them. They have lost or given up NOTHING because the compromise moves them toward the fulfillment of their agenda. They had nothing in the first place.

Full Theological Seminary has begun the conversation, which is simply another way of saying they have begun the compromise. Eventually, because of the efforts of homosexual activists, Fuller will compromise further and further and further. This will continue until the homosexual community receives everything it wants.

There is no room for compromise for the Christian. NONE. Once we start down that slippery slope, we will continue to compromise, giving into the world’s demands and placing God and His truth on the back burner, or off the table altogether.

I do not want to stand before my Lord knowing that I compromised with the world. Do you?

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