While Atheists use their free speech to promote their hatred of Christianity and the promotion of their illogical claims (the fallacy of affirming a universal negative) that there is no God, it seems that outrage, in the form of both complaints and threats, has led them to tighten their lips a bit more and pull down two billboards in Charlotte, North Carolina. The American Atheists and Adams Outdoor Advertising agency are pulling two ad campaigns down, one that attacks Christianity and one that attacks Mormonism.

The Bradenton Herald reports,

Amanda Knief, the managing director of American Atheists, said that a report from Fox News about the billboards this Wednesday incited a national outpouring of "vitriol, threats and hate speech against our staff, volunteers and Adams Outdoor Advertising."

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Knief said that if Adams had not been involved, American Atheists would have kept the billboards in place.

"It was a mutual decision between us and Adams Advertising for the safety and interests of both organizations that the billboards come down," Knief said.

Knief declined to say the extent or severity of the threats the atheist organization, based in Cranford, N.J., received, but said that the Cranford police department had been contacted because of them.

Billboards put up by American Atheists via Adams Advertising Agency blasting both Christianity and Mormonism.

Adam's Advertizing Agency issued a statement via their website:

The American Atheist billboard campaign was accepted on First Amendment grounds. Adams Outdoor Advertising stands behind our position that the ability to express one's opinion is a right and a privilege of our democratic society. However, due to the public response to the messaging, The American Atheists have agreed to remove the advertising copy in question in Charlotte. We appreciate the feedback, opinions and dialogue we have received.

While the slogan of the billboard is "Atheism: Simply Reasonable" sounds appealing, atheism is anything but reasonable as it begins by affirming the fallacy of the universal negative.

The atheist billboards demonstrate two things. Christianity and Mormonism are not the same. Second, atheists apparently don't have the intestinal fortitude to continue with their advertising campaign throughout the political conventions because of the response of those that believe contradictory to them. I simply ask this: If you guys are right, why do you let a little outrage and complaints bother you? Why don't you leave up your billboards that promote your illogical thinking? After all you are the people that claim to be free thinkers. Why should you care what others think about what you promote?

Thank God, some people still have some bit of sanity and voiced opposition to such ridiculousness in advertising.

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