Communist Goals Succeeding – Discrediting American Education

Have you ever wondered to what extent an actual conspiracy against the United States is being carried out? I am sure that most readers believe that there are some subversive attempts in the Democrat Party as well as the Republicans to instill a government that is alien to what our founding fathers fought to create. Instead of a government working to secure the blessings of liberty and governing to the will of the people; we are regressing toward the systems of old oligarchs’ who governed with the belief that they were the world’s elite and it was their job to subjugate the masses while providing them with what they needed, if anything at all.

Today’s system of sciences and academicians behave in almost the same way. Through social research, which always supports the opinions and beliefs of the left mind you, these controllers of the public opinion use their botched research in an effort to justify the creation of a collective system. If you have ever taken any social policy, or social science class then you know the professors are only interested in hearing the repeated opinions of those who have published peer reviewed journals. There is no room for your own thought process. This is how the collectivists protect their opinions, by making them appear as legitimate fact through useless research that generally only represents a fraction of any population. What do they have in common with the old oligarchs and monarchs that we once fought to liberate ourselves from? The belief they know better than us when it comes to what we need.

In my last two articles concerning education, Socially Engineered Equality will Cost Us Our Freedom and Conservatives Must Become the Teachers, We Must Be the Ones to “Infiltrate and Reeducate,” I discussed the facts that our high school children can’t read and are severely underperforming in mathematics compared to the Chinese and the Japanese. Many people are well aware of the severity in which our education system is broken. People, such as Charlotte Iserbyt, have written books (The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America) describing the deliberate attempts to “dumb down” American society in the pursuit of a transformed culture in which there would be no freedom, but a compliant, subservient workforce unaware that they have had their rights completely stripped from them while they live as indentured servants.

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As insane as this sounds; the evidence is pretty overwhelming. It is the only explanation for the obvious lack of common sense and problem solving ability so rampant in our population today. It is the only explanation for so many who openly advocate for the destruction of our society in favor for the implementation of socialism.

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What if the school system itself was being operated from the perspective of a community organizer? If you remember, community organizing revolves around creating discontent and anger, in fact, it depends on it. Community organizers depend on the emotions of those they seek to mobilize to be set in high gear by telling them how oppressed they are and how unfairly they are being treated. What if this is being done to fulfill one of the goals of the communist party? I have written in several articles that one of the goals of the communist party is to continually discredit America while giving the impression that communism is the solution to our problems. Problems, incidentally, that are created by the communists in the first place.

Looking at how much more the Chinese are achieving in mathematics and the fact that they are rapidly becoming the next super power, is it possible that American kids are being intentionally “dumbed down” in school so they will view the Chinese system as superior to our own? It’s easy to come to this conclusion when you consider the following: Our kids are being trained in the collective already. They are in many instances being trained to believe that it is the job of government to provide them with what they need. They see China as a country where everyone has a job as opposed to the “capitalist system” here, where everyone is unemployed. They see China as a nation whose government is not bogged down by procedures and bickering oppositional parties. Why do they view China this way? Because these are the things they are being told is wrong with America. By comparing America’s failing education system to China’s success, are our kids being conditioned to accept communism?

To many, this may seem like a wild, hair brained conspiracy theory. The fact of the matter though is that we have a community organizer as president, who hates America. We have the “common core curriculum,” which nationalizes education and pushes a global mindset on our children. Finally, there are the 45 declared goals of the communist party, which were entered into the congressional record in 1963. Among these goals, were the infiltration of our education system and teachers unions, as well as the discrediting of American culture in all of its aspects.

Looking at how poorly our kids are performing in school and considering how little they know about the constitution and our history, it’s safe to say this little theory of mine may have some weight to it.

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