Communism & The Lie Of Coexistence In America

Many people understand that when you are talking about liberals or political progressives (or regressives as my friend calls them) you are really talking about communists. Communists have been practicing the same rigid ideology while hiding behind new terms such as progressive and liberal for nearly a century. Today’s liberals have developed an array of effective, pragmatic strategies that convince many people that they are only concerned about peace, fairness and what’s best for the “greater good.” The best example is the way in which the United States seems to have taken an all-out appeasement approach when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Only in a world infected with liberalism can we have people who attack us being treated better that people who swear an oath to protect us. This is a perfect example of a very sophisticated “Alinsky” style attack on our values of religious freedom. While most see this foreign policy approach as foolish at best, the useful idiots of our day seem to believe that this appeasement will eventually win the hearts and minds of Muslims and we can learn to “coexist.” We can coexist alright as long as you don’t mind your wife donning a Burka every morning. Others understand this appeasement strategy for what it is; a plan to bring the U.S. in line with the goals of global governance.

To see this with more clarity it is important to understand the goals and history of communism. It is understood by most that Vladimir Lenin had a vision of instituting a global communist government, and to bring the United States in line with this much would have to be done to break our spirituality and morality. Many communists believed that a violent revolutionary approach was needed; however, Lenin thought that this was the wrong approach and looked to infiltrate our political and educational systems believing that socialism would eventually prevail over capitalism. This is known as Fabian socialism or incrementalism, boiling the frog slowly in the pot in other words. Much could be discussed here from Marx and Darwin to Antonio Gramsci, to the Frankfort school of social research which developed Gramsci’s vision of cultural Marxism. What I would like to focus on is the 45 declared goals of the Communist takeover of the U.S. which was actually presented before the House of Representatives in 1963. To see these goals listed in their entirety is one thing, but to think about the level in which some of them have been reached is another.

Before I dive into the first three goals that will be discussed I want to remind the reader that a great deal of socialism/communism revolves around the issues of mental health, psychology and human behavior. The tyrannies of the twentieth century which killed so many were a deadly mix of Darwin’s Godlessness and Marx’s theories on economics with a little operant and classical conditioning thrown into the mix by the dog guy, Ivan Pavlov. Communists essentially believe that man is perfectible and through the tyranny of social science they believe they can root out societies “undesirables” and create the perfect utopia where everyone is exactly the same. With this being said I think a greater understanding will come from realizing exactly where we are in relation to the stated goals of the communists. Enjoy.

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Goal number one: U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

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This was essentially a cold war strategy of the Soviet Union and as mentioned earlier revolved around the idea of instituting Communism without the bloody revolution many diehard communists believed was necessary. Through the use of the social science propaganda perfected at the Frankfort school known as Cultural Marxism, the communists came into the United States preaching peace and total equality. It is evident that a great deal of progress has been made as most people these days are more familiar with ideas like multicultural diversity and social justice then they are their own heritage and history of their nation. They have also done a brilliant job of painting the U.S. to be the aggressor in all the worlds’ conflicts, as will be discussed later in following goals. They have also turned issues revolving around civil rights into what Johan Goldberg cited as being “morally equivalent to war” in his book “The Tyranny of Clichés.” This so called cliché began in the early progressive movement and is a way the progressives have been able to take the moral high ground by attaching an urgency of morality to every issue. The end result is a society of nincompoops who are ready to give up their individual rights because it is more moral that we are all exactly the same. Goal number one, accomplished.

Goal number two: U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference of engaging in atomic war.

I don’t view this as being all that different than the first goal; however, it is very telling in describing the communist mentality toward those with a different opinion. The word capitulate means to surrender or to give another their way. Anyone who knows liberals understands that they never admit when they are wrong, and any disagreement with their self-perceived brilliance results is a slew of vicious assaults that generally leaves one willing to let them have their way just so they will shut up. What this goal seems to be saying is that the U.S. will go along with soviet ideals or we will be engaged in nuclear combat. Evidence of the success of this goal is best seen by observing the youngest amongst us just going along to get along and believing all the main stream propaganda that is thrown them day in and day out. They are already communist and don’t even know it. It makes sense seeing as though Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev said this- “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.” Some people claim that he never said this but I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Goal number three: Develop an illusion that total disarmament by the U.S. would be a demonstration of moral strength.

There are so many examples and analogies in which to describe the success and the psychology involved with this one. Let’s start with the most obvious. President Obama is determined to not only reduce our nuclear arsenal, but also tell our enemies how many nukes we have while reassuring them we will not use nuclear weapons in retaliation to terror attacks. All the while he is creating the illusion by telling his loyalists that the U.S. is leading from the front and setting new examples for others to aspire to. (He also spends a lot of time kissing the rear ends of brutal dictators if you didn’t notice.) It really does take the bigger guy to walk away from a fight but most people don’t understand how the fight is being taken away from us. That’s why the goal says “develop the illusion.” Again the use of social science and reverse psychology is being used to lull us into a false sense of security. I think a more relevant way to describe this is the appeasement strategy we use with the Muslims. American liberals really believe that by ignoring terror attacks and acting as if they are protecting the civil liberties of those that have vowed our destruction we are somehow showing a “moral superiority.” In some instances that may be true but when you ignore the facts that these terrorists continue to target Americans and Christians abroad unabated, and you continue to appease them, you are nothing but the useful idiot that the communists have trained you to be. Another good analogy is the immigration debate; we are showing a “moral superiority” by allowing all these people into our country when we know they have no inclination to assimilate into our culture.

In my opinion these first three goals of the communist party go a long way in describing the psyche of today’s American socialists as they foolishly sell themselves out to those pushing old ideas in new brightly colored packaging. Many of the goals that follow will lend to a greater understanding of the overall goal of the communists. I believe this to be the creation of a perfect society where man is working more like a machine than a human being, where a human settlement resembles something more like an ant colony than a society of thinking beings. As we see the new common core curriculum being rolled out we are literally witnessing a new rebirth of Nazi like education techniques where there is a real concerted effort to root out those that may present as being “nonconformists.” While a great many people are opposing such a system, there are many who will just go along to get along because government knows best. Folks that is the attitude they want, that is communism. Goals one, two and three, for all practical purposes have been accomplished.

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