‘Common Sense’ For The 21st Century

As the news continues to report events that would have raised eyebrows 20 years ago, I have to stop and question, where is the common sense?

Our culture has been taught that by any standard, oppression is wrong. Our own Constitution claims that in America, we should have a life free of tyranny. Yet, in the news, there are more and more attacks on our Constitution and Bill of Rights than there have ever been before. Should any of these attacks be successful, they would open the door to oppressive government.

When did it become “wrong” to stand by the Constitution? When did the Second Amendment really come into question? When did being politically correct become more important than upholding what is quite possibly the greatest piece of legislature in human history?

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These questions, and the events that brought them about, make my head spin. I think we just need to get back to good, old-fashioned common sense. See, here’s the truth: those that agree with the Constitution have already won. We don’t need more amendments, or to lose the ones we have. We don’t need more rules. We need a government that will obey the rules that have already been set down by the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.

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Case in point- the UN was trying to instigate a form of gun control within the US. The solution would simply have been for Obama to say “No. That is unconstitutional. American citizens have a right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.” That’s not what happened. Now, law-abiding citizens are excited that they get to carry guns to the polls to vote. This privilege was supposedly given by a “new law.”

Let’s make no mistake. There is no new thing here, just a group of people attacking the old.

We don’t have to rewrite the Constitution. We just have to obey it. We also have to call BS on the rhetoric and propaganda that so many special interest groups are so good at spreading.

Case in point: people are up in arms about having to have a state ID to vote. How many citizens already have an ID, via a driver’s license or photo ID? How many people flash this ID every day for ID required purchases? If you have such a problem with getting an ID, why is that? What or who are you hiding from?

Do you want some illegal alien voting for the candidate he or she wants? Do you want some form of voter fraud being perpetrated on the election, or do you want every citizen voter accounted for with ID? The law is simple. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you don’t get to vote for the President, and other elected officials, of the United States. That’s common sense.

My Constitution protects my right to live a life free of tyranny and oppression. The Bill of Rights protects the right to freedom of speech, religion and to defend myself, as necessary, among other things. I don’t need the permission of those that would take these rights. Why do we elect those that don’t support the Constitution? Why do we leave them in office once they have violated the Constitution? It’s all common sense. Those trying to take these rights can’t do it, unless we allow them. We are not fighting to win this battle, we are fighting to keep a victory that was won with blood so long ago.

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