When is A Collapse Coming?

Collapse?  I hear it’s already underway; or, if you like, by 2017.  It depends what we mean.

The lower classes have in some large part already capitulated to the idea of their sub-humanity, eagerly embracing, at various times, government control, savagery, beatdown of individualism, pure hedonism, and so forth.  The elite fear these people, as Orwell noted.  They are ignorant, many, and have little to lose.

The middle class collapse comes by way of controlling their dreams.  Real estate, inheritance, health care, food privilege, natural rights, religion, family.  The elite can capture these by leveraging fear, unlike greed among the lower classes.  house-of-cardsThe rest are cowed through guilt of religious nature, indirectly by insinuation, directly through the corrupted pulpits and universities.  In this way, the technology of civilization, built through the affluence and intelligence of particular races, are seized.  Monstrous government then hems in the middle class through laws and regulations, pounded into submission by authoritarian philosophy somewhere between Machiavelli and Plato.

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The upper classes fall into discompassionate line, as usual, by appealing to overestimation of their talents.  The elite think a certain way.  Lure them by flattery and they feel loved.  Movie stars, sports figures, nouveau-riche, old money, etc, all fall prey to vanity and fame, exploiting their notoriety to get out of living the way regular folks do.  In the end, they are merely vehicles for attracting middle-class to pursuit of wealth.  Bait.

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The monetary system is intentionally manipulated at this point to secure the loyalty of the upper class that they do no engage with the middle class to form political power.  The “traitors” such as Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Alex Jones, and so forth cause much chaos, and the Alinsky method is used to isolate the “germ” of liberty and crush it.  Kook-ify Paul Revere.  Wall Street does well because the Fed wants it to do well.  You can profit from it also, but this time when the collapse comes there will be no place to hide in the white world.  Well, maybe not “no place.”  Australia, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, and others are currently trying to work against the NWO.  Commies have their own ideas, as do Muslims.

The political system is rampant corruption right now, wealth being stolen at an exponential rate out of coffers that don’t exist.  Taxes can never pay for it, and we will not be willing slaves.  Rules can be made but there is revolution afoot.  The elite have their seeds in the Arctic ice, so they can easily plague-bomb us and start over.  What comes next?  Who knows?

The societal system is collapsing, as the white race becomes too introspective to defend what it owns.  The idea even of ownership is questioned, especially at the middle-class level.  Who owns your land?  You?  “From who did you steal THAT?”  The same applies to families.  Who owns your children?  And who owns your natural rights?  And who owns your soul?

As always, the answer is God.  Without God, men rule by their own whims and strengths.  When men rule, stronger or craftier men can topple and replace.  Torah precedes Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, and makes the greatest case as the most ancient, venerable, enduring Law of God.  It is self-prophesying, self-eternal, and self-human.  It demands equality of justice and charity to the poor.  It holds everyone accountable for their actions and gives everyone liberty within construct.  Discipline with love.  Structure.

Torah challenges Koran on its own turf, and defeats it as its own root.  Torah destroys communism, hedonism, and crime right in the Ten Commandments.  Torah manifests New World Order as correct capitalism, entertaining the credit system within a healthy monetary policy.

This is the way I see the problems and the solutions.

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