Cliven Bundy & Plantation Politics – The History behind the Controversy

I have met Cliven Bundy, and I have met a few of his decedents. In my estimation, there is not a mean bone in the bunch nor is there a racist bone in the bunch.

I’ll asking you to consider this….

Many of my family think of us who live here in Las Vegas as living in the middle of the Mojave Desert, which is not far off target geographically speaking. We here in the Las Vegas Valley think of our friends who live up in lovely Mesquite, along the Virgin River, as being “out in the boondocks.”  If that is where Mesquite is located, how would one describe the location of Bunkerville, Nevada, which is five miles south of there, off the main drag?  With those generally correct assessments, as to the location, just what would one call “the outskirts of Bunkerville,” which is where the Bundy Ranch is located about six miles south of Bunkerville? The middle of No Place? If not that, then pretty close to it.

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The reason I stress the geography is because it is hard for the average American – and evidently far too many politicians like Dean Heller – to comprehend what the modern American can only describe as isolation.

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I have met a good part of the Bundy family. They are about family and cows, God and Country. End of story. They do not spend their time worrying about who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood, or what form of hatefulness people in general deposit on each other, or why.

I saw video of Cliven Bundy’s statement that has the talking heads all a-twitter. I was repulsed by the speed at which so many politicians, from both sides of the aisle, jumped on Cliven Bundy with both feet, declaring him a racist.

To me, those politicians, from both sides of the aisle, are simply politicians who will say anything if they think it will get them a single vote. I am sure Dean Heller would have voted for Obama-Care.

Cliven Bundy’s comments did not offend or repulse me; perhaps because I have met this man and members of his family, and partially because of the wave of nostalgia that I felt.

I could have been watching video of my grandfather, whose grandfather did own slaves.

My grandfather was a true gentleman of The South – born and raised in and around Richmond Virginia with great love and true appreciation of history. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. To him every man and woman he encountered was fully deserving of the same level of respect that he expected to be shown to himself. The last time I looked, there were about a dozen pages of people with the same last name as my Grandfather in the Richmond Virginia / Henrico Country phone book. The three white guys are my uncles.

My grandfather was the person who first introduced me to the term “plantation politics.” It was the reality of “plantation politics” that Cliven Bundy was talking about. If anyone bothered to listen to the full interview with Cliven Bundy, from which the lame-stream media carefully carved out a few phrases, you get a clear picture of what Cliven Bundy was speaking. 

Cliven Bundy was talking about his experience and observations during the civil rights riots…in 1965. He spoke of what he had observed…the frustration and unrest of black Americans and the lack of meaningful jobs – or any jobs at all for that matter. He recognized what he saw for exactly what it was then and continues to be today: A much more brutal and crushing form of slavery; the slavery of Government Entitlements.

Cliven Bundy may not be a “silver tongued” politician like Barack Obama, but one should not have to be when one speaks the truth; something that no one will ever accuse Barack Obama of doing. Personally, I don’t think he knows how.

Plantation Politics is a subject that I have spoken of many times. It is a subject that is becoming more and more common among black conservatives. The gospel of entitlements is the reality that keeps far too many black Americans in government controlled ghettos and Spanish Americans in the barrios.

The birth of this Nation occurred when the Continental Congress produced and ratified our declaration of war with England; that which we entitled our “Declaration of Independence,” in which was set forth the basis of our existence as a nation:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Plantation Politics – the Slavery of Entitlements – that of which Cliven Bundy spoke – has been eroding that fundamental principle since the Dixiecrats first began to institutionalize the practice once they could no longer legally continue to own slaves.

At the end of our Civil War, ex-slaves fled to the north to escape horrendous conditions on some plantations. Others, living under less harsh conditions reached an accommodation with the plantation owners whereby they could stay on the land and work the land in return for housing, food, clothes, and perhaps some spending cash when the crops came in.

When the 15th amendment to the Constitution was passed, shortly after the end of the Civil war in 1870, guaranteeing the right to vote, regardless of “…race, color, or previous condition of servitude,” the southern politicians, the Dixiecrats, saw the benefit of the black vote. Their blatant and open buying of votes spawned wave after wave of laws to make such practices illegal. And so the politicians found a more “legitimate” way to buy votes: Tax Payer Funded Entitlements.

The plantations had “field bosses,” who were slaves themselves and who wielded the whip to keep the workers in line and productive. That role continues today in the form of the Hate Merchants such as the alleged Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Sadly, most black Americans and most newly arriving Hispanic Americans do not see the cost of those entitlements.  It is slavery, pure and simple. It is this reality that Cliven Bundy spoke of.

“Leaders” (field bosses) in minority communities, the hate mongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, live well so long as they keep the slaves in line and deliver the votes.

Cliven Bundy did not say anything that more and more black conservatives have been saying for quite some time now. Generations of minorities, not limited to black or Spanish, have been robbed of a meaningful education in order to keep them uninformed and unprepared to do anything more in this life than sucking on the generous teat of entitlements.

What can these people expect when that teat runs dry? They have one of the most fundamental of survival skills, rage and violence. Every time there is a disturbance in continuum of entitlements, rage boils over into violence that is expressed by destroying the plantation, knowing full well that the fountain of free stuff will replace everything with newer and better accouterments.

Those generations after generations living on entitlements are slaves plain and simple. Their every need and want are provided by the slave master in the big White House and if they should stumble in their labors they are attacked and ground into the soil to become fertilizer for the next generation of more compliant and obedient slaves.

But what will happen when the great sow of entitlements is no more and there is no teat of the entitlement sow upon which to suckle? Let your imagination run wild and you will fall short of reality. I know. I have been there.

I was in the streets of Tehran when the Shah lost his job in 1979 and the Ayatollah Khomeini took over the government. It was a time when we gladly paid fifty dollars a gallon for gasoline when we could get it; a time when people were shot in the streets for attempting to assert their prior rank and position in a society that was no more. It was a time when simple pleasures in life like fresh bread disappeared because no one was making bread anymore. It was a time when all food sources simply disappeared and people died protecting a can of soup or their last bottle of drinkable water.

Think of any major U.S. City like New York or Chicago with no truck traffic to deliver necessities. Man’s inhumanity to Man will raise its ugly head with a vengeance.

That great sow of entitlements has an appointment with the butcher; the current regime has done everything in its power to assure that.

I have listened to the entire Cliven Bundy interview and he may be ineloquent, but he certainly is no racist, and like so many of my black American friends I will continue to stand with Cliven Bundy. I will also work to replace those who were so quick to condemn him based on the sewage spewing from the pipe that is this regime’s propaganda machine.

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