Classiness is Nice, but Not Essential in a President

We live in a dangerous world. It seems to me it was a lot less dangerous during the Cold War, when the probability of nuclear war was in inverse ration to the possibility. The greater the weaponry, the more possibility grew, but the prospect of ultimate world destruction was reduced to virtual impossibility.

The two giants who dominated these mathematical predictions were, of course, the US and the Soviet Union. Each had its coalition of allies—the US with the free West and the USSR with its Eastern European Bloc. When the Cold War ended, largely by Reagan’s brash insistence on American military superiority, Russia imploded, its economy in shambles after unaffordable spending on military hardware, maintaining its huge military forces, and wasting enormous sums on prosecuting its failed war in Afghanistan. The US emerged not only the strongest, but also the most feared and respected nation, arguably in all of human history.

The insane Leftist notion that power among nations must be equalized in some grand gesture of egalitarian generosity has reduced the prestige and might of the US. The steady effort to propagandize American evils and equate its achievements with greed and lusty hegemony have succeeded to a great extent. Through the false narrative of the Left that is met with tepidly polite and often clever aphorisms from the Right, Americans have been compromised into believing we are not still strong or right in our cultural superiority to the rest of the world, who often prove we still dominate by imitating us in everything from popular music to movie style to television quiz shows.

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In little more than a year, we will face perhaps the most important national election in modern US history. In one way or another it will be definitive, a game changer. If we choose carelessly, we could elect a leader that, on one extreme, destroys American culture through limitless immigration of third world escapees and the complete dissolution of our economy and self-determination as a nation, and a powerhouse Commander-in-Chief who will fearlessly take apart the welfare state and revitalize our military. The first will put America—and us with it—into a grave of collectivist ideology, which could include the corruption of our carefully constructed laws, based on self-direction and freedom of the individual, into a messy elaboration of feudal principles, with specter of Sharia possibly thrown into the mix. The second will enable us to reject the false idol of Leftism and replace it with the true ideal of America.

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A true leader will not be elected in a contest of polite dissertation. The Left is not polite. The left lies, cheats, and steals to maintain power. Indeed, the Left does not even believe in itself. It believes in power. How can the Right combat the powerful lies and fraud of the Left with polite protestation? The crude power of Leftist Political Correctness can only be destroyed and that destruction will inevitably require impolite action. The Left shout us down. We can do no less than to slap them into submission.

We need an impolite warrior in the White House. I am not advocating the vote for Donald Trump, but I will say what I think he should have slapped back the impudence of Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace. I suggest he should have declared that he would not answer irrelevant questions directed at knocking him off the podium in order to restore their real favorite Jeb Bush to prominence. He should have effectively shut them up to shut them down. We need someone keen enough and gutsy enough to do what Gingrich did in debates the last time around. Gingrich was defeated last time, but not by his timidity. He was defeated by the enormous cash steam roller provided by the RINO Right who wanted a moderate. Well, they got a polite moderate in Romney. Enough said about that.

Do we have anyone on the roster with the kind of gumption required to seize and use the power of the Presidency? There are a few brash ones who like wielding a sword. Chris Christie is one, but his policies are inane. Preacher Huckabee, whose name alone conjures fire and brimstone imagery, might lift that sword and even swing it once or twice, but he’s wasted much of his energy swatting flies with religious fervor, not righting the balance between us and them. Scott Walker (quiet), Marco Rubio (smart), and many others are just not leaders. This is opinion, of course.

Carly Fiorina is classy. She is much more polite and polished than Donald Trump, but she is not one iota less tough and she could prove to be a powerful personality in Republican field if she gets onto the “big” debate stage. But she is somewhat cautious about some things, for example, the “anchor baby” question. No doubt, she could wield a sword with power and even a little glee—but would she? Ben Carson is a nice man, a classy man. He couldn’t even lift a sword, much less wield one. Dr. Carson is not a wimp, but a classy gentleman. We don’t need gentleness any more than we need classiness.

Then, there is Donald Trump. Refreshingly impolite, he challenges the status quo from a position of experience on its opposite side. He has admittedly bought politicians, including Hillary Clinton. He has already presented a dynamic package of tax reform and business recreation, as well as a tenable position on illegal immigration. His remarks against Megyn Kelly were crude, but, honestly, who cares? Being polite to Megyn Kelly, an unimportant talking head, who does nothing for American national policy, is meaningless and can largely go ignored without penalty.

Trump could have been classy and not insulted her, but classiness is subordinate to the exercise of power, and we need someone who will courageously confront the enemy within. Trump has already proven that is a force not easily reckoned with. As President, he would prove an action-oriented leader whose impoliteness cuts in two the Gordian Knot of Political Correctness.

We cannot tolerate a wimp in the Oval Office. We need a warrior, and that warrior must no longer be polite to our enemies, within or without.

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